Happy Passover


The Jewish holiday of Pesach (Passover) starts tonight, which means:

  • If you need reminding what it is all about, you can read about it here
  • Nihyeh Beseder (an in-joke for the Hebrew speakers)
  • My traditional pre-Passover post full of video goodness

I’ll start with this song by 70s/80s British rock band Joy Division!

As with every year, Passover brings out the parodists. And this year, “Let It Go” from Frozen seems to be THE parody choice for Passover.

How ironic that we have now become enslaved to a song. Let it go, people. There are other songs to cover, you know.

Like this:

And this:

Meanwhile, the award for weirdest video goes to..

Chag Kasher V’Sameach!

There won’t be any blogging on here until at least tomorrow evening Israel time. Because that’s how we roll.

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