Reader Post: Friday 11/7/2014, Israel


woman-lighting-candles-256x300Evening, I lit the Sabbath candles and as usual gave thanks for the good in my life and prayed for the well-being of my family and people. My partner returned from synagogue and we welcomed in the Sabbath. In the background we occasionally heard explosions from surrounding areas, but this didn’t startle us as we know when it’s close and when it’s from another town. A minute and a half  is a relatively long time. Relative to 15 seconds, it’s ages. Moreover, we have “Iron Dome” and the dome of G-d’s protection.

We sang “Shalom Aleichem”, where we call to G-d’s angels to come in peace, to bless us in peace and to leave in peace. Then we made the blessing over the Sabbath wine.

There was a very intense moment that I was suddenly filled with great pity. No, not for the little children (that will follow) actually for the very person that at that moment was making a huge effort to place a missile on the ground in order to potentially hit me and my partner while we were still blessing the Sabbath. A great incomparable pity. I felt great sadness for the miserable life of that same terrorist; miserable not because Israel turned his life miserable, miserable because he could have improved his life ages ago but chose not to. Exactly like a drug addict who sells all his life’s belongings to finance his addiction. Those people who fire missiles at us, who try to carry out kidnappings, who try to carry out terror attacks, they are addicted to murder and violence. Addicted to the ideology of destruction and devastation. Therefore they are so miserable. If you want to build, you can succeed to build in the smallest narrow place. If you want to destroy, you send destruction wherever you touch, even yourself. They received donated monies, food, medication and other equipment regularly. Today they weep they have no bomb shelters. Maybe if with that money they had cared for the development of Gaza instead of supplying their addiction for armaments, they would now have shelters – which they wouldn’t then need.

I thought of the poor children who are pawns in the path of destruction in the Hamas playground, about the fact that they have no idea, really they have no idea who the baddie is here. I thought of their future generation, another generation of Shahids who believe that the people of Israel is the big Satan that must be destroyed. That is what their television programs teach them incessantly, and today a sizable portion of parents teach their children to become terrorists, targeting them for death from childhood. “By the grace of Allah, may he grow to become a Shahid”. How many times have we heard that sentence from their mothers?

The mothers, these mothers who also grew up under the Hamas brainwashing, see so distorted that they are prepared to do what no other mother in the world would do. It’s not that they “relinquish” their children unwillingly, it’s that they channel them from age 3-4 to become terrorists when they grow up. An interview with a mother who brought her son for treatment in an Israeli hospital teaches us that there is no sanity on the other side. She was asked about Israel now saving her son, and she answered that with Alla’s help he would grow up to become a Shahid and return to blow himself up in Israel. I also pitied this mother. She is ill and has no other choice. Nobody gave her a cure.

They have no chance, these terrorists, after each missile they are hunted, sometimes during the launching, which tells me that each terrorist must realize that he is taking a risk that this is his last day. He probably prepared for it. While I’m thinking “Dear G-d, please make Peace for us in this region”, this same terrorist is thinking, “This is my last day, the main thing is that I destroy as much as possible.” I pitied him because this was his life. This is what he chose to do with it. This understanding amazes me.

To all the people worrying so much about the Palestinians, to all those who blame Israel for years, look inward. You created the situation with your silence in the face of Hamas activity. With your ignoring Israel which is the only democracy in the area, the only Western state in the area, the most moral state in the area. You chose to stand with the side espousing death as a way of life (as absurd as this sounds). You chose to cooperate with the emotional blackmail that repeats itself time and time again and you ignored the fact that it repeats not in order to find a solution, but to receive legitimacy for the creation of more destruction. It is exactly like the addict I mentioned earlier. You are the enabling parents. You are the ones giving money for more drugs. You are the ones with the soft hearts but you are not acting for the benefit of your child. You need intervention.

This child is addicted to death. Save him and stop giving him legitimacy. There are people who definitely deserve to die, but there are babies who are not yet born and they deserve to come into a world with a chance, that same chance that Hamas and other organizations are preventing them having.

You need to take their education into world hands, to teach them western ways of pluralism, tolerance, freedom and life.

That is the real problem and that is the solution.

So ask me “What about deserving a country of their own?” the usual rhetoric. There was a Partition plan here but the Arabs of Israel refused it because they didn’t want to divide the country between the two peoples in 1948, before there was ever any kind of definition of a “Palestinian people”. The definition came into being after the establishment of the State of Israel.  The “occupied” territories are what Israel “occupied” back from Arab armies that invaded Israel a second after its establishment and some of the lands weren’t under any authority. But this is not the discussion. They don’t wish to share the country with us, they want us not to be here; not just not to be here, they call for the murder of all the Jewish people. The occupied territories in their view are Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat, Kiryat Shmona, Kfar Saba, Be’er Sheba etc. You must be blind not to see this because they say it openly.  You have bought into their lies because they have emotionally blackmailed you. Who enjoys seeing a child wounded? Apart from terror organizations, absolutely no-one.

I hear the comparison between “David and Goliath” a lot, as though we are the Goliath in the story. No, we are still the David. We are the seed of David. The fact that David got stronger facing his enemies who were once maybe strong, is a good thing, something  you shouldn’t condemn. It is still David with the same character, not seeking to kill, trying to save as many lives as possible. Even today, Israel gives medical treatment to Palestinian children with all kinds of problems, from all over the region. Maybe one day the Syrian wounded who flowed into our space will tell you how our army saved them too. It’s enough de-legitimization that enraptures the countries of the world.  You are being sucked into the whirlpool of lies that has been spread about since before World War Two. You were blind then and you preached doing nothing. Today we have a country and we have time to shout and wake you up. Please open your eyes and see the reality. Look for the facts. Don’t feed off the lies that they distribute – from the fake pictures and the false reporting. There are plenty of volunteers who volunteered there and who discovered a different reality from that they heard on the news. There are plenty of video clips showing what is happening in the Gaza Strip. There is plenty of real information and you just have to listen to it and stop repeating the mantra “they deserve it”, as though this gives answers to the situation. You are encouraging violence. You are encouraging addiction to death. Stop it.

You have the power in the name of the enlightened , western, democratic world to put an end to this now. You must condemn the acts of violence of the terrorists in such a way that that there is no misunderstanding. You shouldn’t just offer “mediation” between us and Hamas if you are the President of the USA (since they are an illegal organization in the US). You need to ask pointed questions of the Palestinians and to confront them with true facts. You need to pay attention to your TV networks and ask yourselves what their agenda is, what information are they telling you. Unfortunately, in 2014 it is not true to say that the media is the watchdog of democracy, but a dog that wants to bite it. We need to preserve democracy. We need to preserve the media. In the era of Whatsup, Facebook, Twitter, iphones and Photoshop, there is loads of time for editing. There is loads of time for orchestrating scenes. All information you receive should be checked from another source. Do you remember Muhamad a Dora? He became famous as the little boy who was murdered by IDF forces but following an international investigation it was discovered that the bullet that hit him came from another direction. Did any of you hear of this since? Did you make the same noise when the truth came to light? You have to stop listening to the voice of self-pity and do something with the reality that causes tens of thousands of humans to want to grow up to die murdering innocent souls.

You, countries of western culture, are also at risk from the control of Islam. A control that won’t allow you to say your opinion, that will force you to wear kafiya or burka, that will forbid women to walk alone in the street, where their law courts will give punishments like stoning in the town square, like rape, like beheading in public, if you sin by living in western ways. You who live today in London, maybe your security has already been shaken; maybe you are still complacent, but the voices round you are definitely those of radical Islam – they call out loud to impose on you Sharia law. You in Paris, you too stand in line to become an Islam state.

All this fight is a struggle between religions. Within Islam there are various streams that call for Jihad and the murder of all who don’t believe as they do and don’t take upon themselves what the specific organizations believe. Is this the kind of world you want? Is this the direction you want to go? Those who pull the strings of the Palestinians are not only Hamas, they are also other organizations. They all have one aim: fight a holy war against the infidels. From their point of view at present it’s us Israelis, but you are really very naïve if you think that after they get Israel, it will stop there. This people who live by the sword, who call for a holy war, will it stop there? What will happen if they get all of Israel? Will they have satisfied the essence of their existence? Just listen to the voices around you. There are areas in France that Christians cannot enter.

We the peoples of western democracy need to stand firm and not let these voices confuse us. The common goal between us is our will to live. The common denominator in Islam is the will to kill.

I have been very general, in order to be politically correct – I don’t refer to every Muslim person wherever. I refer to a trend existing in the Arab world, to attempts to gain control on the part of radical Islam and attempts to threaten the west. The Palestinians are a part of this.

If we desire at a future time to arrive at a real solution, they have to become a people with an ideology other than holy death.

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