Richard Silverstein Defends Hamas’ Targeting Of Israeli Civilians

Meanwhile, this is what his friend and translator had to say about civilian Dror Khenin, who was killed by a Hamas mortar while distributing food to soldiers.

Sick, sick, sick.

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  • Shimona from the Palace

    What struck me was what Silverslime himself had to say on his misnamed blog about Dror Khenin ז”ל:

    “Today, the first Israeli fatality was reported. A man who’d collected food parcels at his West Bank settlement and trucked them to the Erez Crossing to give to the troops, came under mortar attack and was killed.”
    In other words – “you don’t need to know his name (which had already been published), because he was a settler and, in any case, he had it coming because he was trucking food to the evil Zionist troops.”

    • walt kovacs

      technically, not a war crime

      as part of fighting a war is to cut off supply lines

      so while a horrible loss…may be the only time hamas actually attacks a legit target

  • anneinpt

    Why do you give Slimeballstein the oxygen of publicity? Why not leave him to talk to his own slithery echo chamber? He must be revelling in all the attention.

    • Kim

      because several media outlets take him and his claims seriously, so debunking him and his claims to demonstrate how unreliable he is may be the way to stop the media taking him seriously

  • ahad_ha_amoratsim

    Here I thought he meant that we had to be kidding that B’Tselem actually posted something that was not morally obtuse!

  • CableLegend

    I think we all know Dickie will be out of control tonight with the news of the 4 kids killed near the harbor today. I’m expecting the venom spewed to be something not seen before which is saying something for Little Richard.

  • Benny

    Silverstein is seldom right about anything.

    For example, he is on record frequently claiming that Iron Dome is a boondoggle that doesn’t work.

    In his words — before the current conflict:

    “It is a fraud, a product fulfills a political purpose and despite its operational failure continues being purchased and supported. Iron Dome gives Israelis a false sense of protection and security that is fueled by false claims by the IDF and the system’s manufacturer.”

    “It is a massively expensive, ‘sophisticated’ weapons system that can’t tell the difference between a cherry bomb and a missile. And Israelis will
    continue to be snookered into sleeping soundly in the belief they are

    Silverstein could not be more wrong. This state-of-the-art defense system has proven to be a technological wonder that frustrates him as much as the Arabs by protecting Jews from murderous rocket attacks.

    Had it been up to Silverstein the destruction in Israel would have been unimaginable. The hundreds of Jews whose lives have been saved in the last few weeks by Iron Dome know that Silverstein’s opinions are not worth the time it takes to read them.

  • David H

    Silverstein made a tweet on July 15 stating that he is a former soldier of the IDF. Can someone look into and comment on this?

    • David H

      Never mind – he was quoting someone else

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