And Now Bill Clinton Shows He “Gets It” On Israel And Hamas

Following on from Hillary’s strong show of support for Israel, it is now hubby Bill’s turn.

I should note I don’t agree with some of his other comments, and he fails to correct the interviewer’s false claim about the number of women and children casualties. But his comments on our right to self-defense – as well as Hamas’ dirty tactics – are right on.

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  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course it’s 100% bullshit and driven solely to get Jewish money and votes. The nanosecond she gets a chance she’ll stab all the Jews in the back.

    • fizziks

      What evidence do you have for that? The Clintons’ daughter married a Jew. For all you know they are Judeophiles. Bill Clinton was one of the two recent Presidents who truly understood the moral case for Israel (other one was GWB). Your accusation is unfounded.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Bill isn’t actually going to BE president. His idiot wife is. She of the Hermes shmata on her head standing shoulder to should with that Mad Cow Suha Arafat as she screamed into the cameras for a quarter hour every single antisemitic insult known to man, then kissed her on the cheek and congratulated her.

        That’s why. If you think the current President Halftard Obama is a danger you haven’t ‘seen nothing yet’. At least Obama believes in something. It happens to be Jew-hate. Hillary is a soulless nihilist who literally believes in nothing at all.

        • Ivan Ewan

          Yeah pretty much. Just because she doesn’t wear any Jew hatred on her sleeve, doesn’t mean she’s a good person – I believe her to be morally bankrupt. She did after all volunteer to legally defend a man she knew raped a girl into a coma. And she has no regrets about that.

        • ruth rosenstock

          hmmm…I think I’m gonna have to go with soulless nihilist over Jew-hater. sorry, but I cannot see how Hillary could possibly be any worse than Obama.

        • walt kovacs

          no evidence that obama hates the jew

          lots of evidence that he naively believes what state tells him about what will bring a lasting peace

        • NewClassTraitor

          I’m not even sure at times whether 0bama has any convictions other than turning the US into a transnational-oligarchic-collectivist banana republic perpetually ruled by the D party.

      • NewClassTraitor

        Both Bill and Shillary are self-seeking opportunists in a marriage of convenience, but once in a while Clinton shows some genuine convictions. I literally do not believe a word out of Shrillary’s mouth.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    According to Forbes Magazine, Israel now has 17 billionaires, with the number growing as start ups succeed. Clinton sure wouldn’t mind diversifying the foreign donor base to his foundation.

  • walt kovacs

    hillary is running for president

    obama was running for pres once too

    why do you trust what any politician says?

    and if you are going on what hillary said in the stewart interview…she didnt say anything to the contrary to what the obama admin is doing

  • walt kovacs

    why do kids get killed in gaza?

    because the press waits to report after israel strikes hamas launching sites

  • Travis

    Is the interviewer a Pakistani? Clinton also speaks in worn out cliches. A “comprehensive peace” treaty with the PLO is worth the same as toilet paper.

    • cba

      Indian. (See the title of the video)

  • mzk1_1

    I am more inclined to believe in the sincerity of the support we recently got from the rulers of Egypt, than in anything any Clinton says. And they really do honestly believe that Jews eat babies. (The rulers, not the Clintons. I would never use the words “honestly” and “Clinton” in the same sentence.)

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