Actor Mark Ruffalo Can’t Imagine Hamas Would Be Evil

Actor Mark Ruffalo’s main claim to fame is playing Bruce Banner – before he turns into the Hulk – in the Avengers movie.

But as I’ve just discovered, he’s just Hulk Smashed the truth.

Here he is weighing in on the current war in Gaza on Twitter:

Yes, we can all agree hospitals should be off limits. But what Ruffalo does not mention is that rockets were being fired from right near it.


But here’s the kicker – his response when the notion of Hamas using civilians as human shields is mentioned.

You mean these fellow human beings with this charter?

These fellow human beings who have been firing rockets directly at civilians (something that does not seem to have merited your explicit condemnation on your politically-charged Twitter timeline)?

These fellow human beings who actually admit to doing what you can’t fathom they would?

Face it, Mr Ruffalo. The Hulk is way more human than Hamas terrorists.

It is ok to use your heart, but you also have to use your head.

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  • 123

    He can imagine that Israel targets innocents, however.

  • Hard Little Machine

    His own brother was shot in the head by a drifter he let live with him. So you have to take the good with the bad I guess. I hope Mark works hard, to free THAT poor misunderstood individual.

  • walt kovacs

    he is making me ANGRY


  • r2d2

    dude, use your brain instead… their leaders, which hide off shore, publicly ask the poor people of gaza to remain in their houses after the idf give them a warning notice ahead. if that’s not human shields, than i really don’t know what is. tghe situation is tragic and complex, so such simplistic and naive comments are really pointless.

  • Tom

    What an idiot this Mark Ruffalo. He is just an actor sitting in Hollywood, what does he know about radical Islamic extremism? There is a difference between radical Islamic extremism and peace seeking Islamic people. What do you know about terrorism Mark Ruffalo? Hamas fires rockets from school yards, mosques and hospitals and uses human shields by not allowing Palestinians to flee from eminent target sites warned before bombing. (Yes the Israeli army calls before bombing). Just yesterday an UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Work Agency) shelter found 20 rockets Hamas hid in its premises. Israel does not target innocent, although in a war, unfortunately, there are innocent casualties. Hamas on the other hand indiscriminately targets civilian population centers with its rockets. Hamas did not agree to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal and continues to fire rockets and send terrorist into Israel via numerous underground tunnels. It’s not about occupation, Israel in principle agreed to the two-state solution. But Hamas, no. Hamas, which is a recognized terrorist organization has taken control, basically hijacked the Palestinian people. It’s all about radical Islamic extremism to them and getting financed by radicals. The world needs to stop this radical Islamic extremism!!

  • Mitchincanada

    Palestinians claim Israel is not truly of jewish origin. Jesus was born 2014 years ago in Bethlehem. The word Bethlehem is “House of Milk” in Hebrew! Jews have been in Israel for thousands of years…it is their homeland.

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