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Actor Mark Ruffalo Can’t Imagine Hamas Would Be Evil

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Actor Mark Ruffalo’s main claim to fame is playing Bruce Banner – before he turns into the Hulk – in the Avengers movie.

But as I’ve just discovered, he’s just Hulk Smashed the truth.

Here he is weighing in on the current war in Gaza on Twitter:

Yes, we can all agree hospitals should be off limits. But what Ruffalo does not mention is that rockets were being fired from right near it.


But here’s the kicker – his response when the notion of Hamas using civilians as human shields is mentioned.

You mean these fellow human beings with this charter?

These fellow human beings who have been firing rockets directly at civilians (something that does not seem to have merited your explicit condemnation on your politically-charged Twitter timeline)?

These fellow human beings who actually admit to doing what you can’t fathom they would?

Face it, Mr Ruffalo. The Hulk is way more human than Hamas terrorists.

It is ok to use your heart, but you also have to use your head.

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