Old Hatreds In New Zealand Protest

A few days ago, I posted the eloquent pro-Israel speech by Maori Sheree Trotter.

Here’s the flipside to that: an anti-Israel rally in New Zealand.

“Highlights” include:

  • 0:08 – screaming girl referring to the number of all palestinians killed during the week, not distinguishing between the civilians and “armed combatants” (aka terrorists)
  • 1:30 – the tattooed freak makes his appearance. At 1:50 you can make out a Hebrew tattoo on his arm. I could not make out the words, but Jono thinks it says “I am an effin’ idiot and I haven’t had a bath in over a month.”
  • 2:52 – the freak screams out “Mongrel,” oblivious to the irony.
  • 6:40 – the anti-Zionist-not-antisemite holding up the sign
  • 7:05 – same anti-Zionist-not-antisemite screaming out “Bash the Jews. Cut their heads off. Cut their f****** heads off!”

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[…] Old Hatreds In New Zealand Protest A few days ago, I posted the eloquent ...

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