“BDS Victory” May See 900 Palestinians Out Of A Job


*DISCLAIMER* Given the unexpected “viralness” of this post, the comments posted, and the other forms this post seems to have taken. I’d like to make a clarification of the below post. No official company announcement has been made in this regard, but it is considered “common knowledge” among those in the industry that this may happen. The decision had nothing to do with BDS. We have no idea what will be the actual fate of these workers. This article is a simple commentary of the expected outcome, and the self cannibalization BDS will find themselves in when the move is complete. Thank you, enjoy the post.

We would like to wish the folks of the BDS Movement a hearty congratulations on achieving what may definitely be a well-deserved victory in the battle against the occupation.

Unfortunately I am referring to the occupation of the 900+ “West Bank” and “East” Jerusalem Palestinian men and women at the Sodastream factory in Ma’ale Adumim.

That’s right. As of 2015, the Sodastream plastics and metals factory in Ma’ale Adumim may be closing its doors and moving to its much larger $40 million facilities near the town of Lahavim in the Negev. This would leave all the previously highly satisfied Palestinian employees out of a job.

The new plant will still be practicing its equal opportunity hiring policies and will provide employment to the region’s Bedouin and African refugee population but this time on uncontested Israeli soil (it’s uncontested unless you’re a terrorist).

Regardless I’m still willing to bet the haters will still claim they are abusing Bedouins or something. …. … what’s that? They already have? (Damn you, Ali A-bomb-a-nation).

Don’t get too excited, the decision to move is purely operational (I’d like to emphasize this as not to make BDS-Holes think they have any effect) but regardless. BDS. You wanted it? You may have got it. Unemployed Palestinians.

sodastream lahavim

Movin’ on up to a bigger place: SodaStream’s new facilities in Lahavim

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  • Travis

    Maybe the 500 Palestinians will be allowed entry permits (subject to being searched in case any one tries to go suicide bomber) so they can work at the new plant.

  • thinkingman

    i hope those palies don’t mind the unemployment line instead of the assembly line .. guess they showed those bad israelis whose boss.

  • unpluggged

    Great. Negev is in desperate need of development. I say it as a former resident of Ofakim. It’s the right decision. There are too few jobs in the south. In contrast, the residents of Ma’ale Adumim can still find jobs in Jerusalem.

    But I am really concerned with this “African refugee” statement. We don’t need them to settle down. They are not refugees. They must leave Israel.

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  • http://bdslist.org BDSlist

    This looks like a great #BDSwin but it’d would be good to get a legitimate source for this please. Certainly any loss of jobs is a blow. BDS is a blunt instrument but it has an effective strategy to achieve justice after short term pain.

    I take issue with the statement only terrorists regard settlements as illegal. This is the advice on an official UK government trade website (similar statements are on many European governmental websites):

    “Settlements are illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to make a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impossible. We will not recognise any changes to the pre-1967 borders, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed by the parties.

    There are therefore clear risks related to economic and financial activities in the settlements, and we do not encourage or offer support to such activity. Financial transactions, investments, purchases, procurements as well as other economic activities (including in services like tourism) in Israeli settlements or benefiting Israeli settlements, entail legal and economic risks stemming from the fact that the Israeli settlements, according to international law, are built on occupied land and are not recognised as a legitimate part of Israel’s territory.”
    (https://www.dfa.ie/our-role-policies/international-priorities/middle-east-and-north-africa/opt-ivestment-advice/ )
    It’s not just the moral thing to do but it makes business sense to get out of settlements.

    • Keri Rosen

      The writer of the above quote concerning settlements is not stating a fact. There has never been a court ruling declaring the settlements illegal. In addition, as part of Oslo, both sides agreed to allow building in their respective areas. In addition, UN Res 242 does not specify how much of the territory Israel must withdraw from. It is to be decided by negotiations. Therefore, there is nothing to prevent Israel from building in Area C. Finally, Israel has not built any new settlements since 1995.

      • http://bdslist.org BDSlist

        The author of the statement is a faceless bureaucrat in the UK public service tasked with expressing the UK government’s position. A comparable bureaucrat in France expressed their government’s position thus:
        “Due to the fact that the settlements are illegal in
        international law, the performance of financial activity in the
        settlements such as money transfers, investments, acquisition of
        property, provision of supplies or the performance of any other
        economic activities that benefit the settlements involves
        risks,” (similar statements can be found from Spain, Germany, Italy etc). Resolution 242 is pretty clear when it requires “Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent [1967] conflict”. Indeed, can you point to a government other than Israel that accepts
        Israel’s ongoing civilian use of land seized by military means as legal?

        The Oslo accords were very vague about expansion of settlements, but the huge expansion of settlements since that time clearly work against the goals of those accords.
        I can understand SodaStream and others companies in settlements see huge risks and financial disadvantage in operating in settlements. Even Obama and Kerry call their continuation an obstacle to peace. And yet Bibi keeps approving new plans.

    • Alexi

      Claptrap. There are Arab owned businesses in Israel, there’s ZERO rationale for boycotting an Israeli factory on land the Pals wish to acquire for a State. NONE.

      Stating that the “Settlements are illegal under international law” is a LIE.

      I know you cannot name WHICH law… because there IS NONE.

    • Freddie Merc

      DBSlist – read again. The statement in the article that you refer to, concerning the terrorists, is about the NEW location in the Negev, which is undisputed Israeli land by any international law. But I guess you had such a nice quote that you just could not wait to post, so the heck with facts or even proper quotes. Way to go!

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  • http://mapugavalera86.pe/ Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    I hope that it doesn’t happen. SodaStream is clearly building bridges between people.

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  • Kanex

    BSD Israel: Buy.Support Develop. facebook it and like. A positive spin on the BDS pirates garbage

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