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“BDS Victory” May See 900 Palestinians Out Of A Job

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*DISCLAIMER* Given the unexpected “viralness” of this post, the comments posted, and the other forms this post seems to have taken. I’d like to make a clarification of the below post. No official company announcement has been made in this regard, but it is considered “common knowledge” among those in the industry that this may happen. The decision had nothing to do with BDS. We have no idea what will be the actual fate of these workers. This article is a simple commentary of the expected outcome, and the self cannibalization BDS will find themselves in when the move is complete. Thank you, enjoy the post.

We would like to wish the folks of the BDS Movement a hearty congratulations on achieving what may definitely be a well-deserved victory in the battle against the occupation.

Unfortunately I am referring to the occupation of the 900+ “West Bank” and “East” Jerusalem Palestinian men and women at the Sodastream factory in Ma’ale Adumim.

That’s right. As of 2015, the Sodastream plastics and metals factory in Ma’ale Adumim may be closing its doors and moving to its much larger $40 million facilities near the town of Lahavim in the Negev. This would leave all the previously highly satisfied Palestinian employees out of a job.

The new plant will still be practicing its equal opportunity hiring policies and will provide employment to the region’s Bedouin and African refugee population but this time on uncontested Israeli soil (it’s uncontested unless you’re a terrorist).

Regardless I’m still willing to bet the haters will still claim they are abusing Bedouins or something. …. … what’s that? They already have? (Damn you, Ali A-bomb-a-nation).

Don’t get too excited, the decision to move is purely operational (I’d like to emphasize this as not to make BDS-Holes think they have any effect) but regardless. BDS. You wanted it? You may have got it. Unemployed Palestinians.

sodastream lahavim

Movin’ on up to a bigger place: SodaStream’s new facilities in Lahavim

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