Palestinians Scared By Idea Of Surveillance On Temple Mount


There is no pleasing them.

Palestinian officials reacted warily on Sunday to what US Secretary of State John Kerry hailed as Jordan’s “excellent suggestion” to calm Israeli-Palestinian violence by putting a sensitive Jerusalem holy site under constant video monitoring.

“This is a new trap,” Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said on Voice of Palestine radio, accusing Israel of planning to use such footage to arrest Muslim worshippers it believes are “inciting” against it.

Sounds like the palestinians have changed their Temple Mount strategy from Allahu Akbar to Admiral Ackbar.

But what do they have to be concerned about? Surely, if it is the storming Zionist Jews who are provoking, the cameras will reveal that.

Perhaps they just don’t like their sporting events televised.

Naaa…I think we all know the real answer to this question.

Meanwhile, here is some more comedy gold.

“He (Netanyahu) wants to install cameras in order to monitor and arrest our people;, he is lying and lying,” Erekat said.



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