WATCH: Unhinged Israel Haters And Jew Haters Gone Wild


Some disturbing footage has emerged from protests outside AIPAC, showing exactly the kind of people opposing the state of Israel.

In this first video, you see some rather violent haters attacking an AIPAC attendee. The “burn in hell, Zionist scum” and “Zionist piece of shit” are also nice touches from these “peace activists.”

This next video starts with an antisemitic sign right off the bat. Then throw in some terror support at 0:40!

In this video (from 2:52), antisemite Robert Martin (yes it is him) is harassing an Israel supporter. Notice the hateful, antisemitic invective aimed at the pro-Israel people (including a little old lady), including “You will burn!”

And here, Max Blumenthal chases after Shmuley Boteach in scenes reminiscent of toilet-gate.

Update: Abusive stoner action.

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