Find a Gazan Pen Pal


The Free Gaza tools announce their new “postal service to Gaza,” which includes their “Letters from the World Program.”

If you do not know anyone in Gaza, but would like to get to know someone, we want to help you try and find a pen pal. This program is available to people of all ages and from all places in the world. We would especially like to encourage schools to participate in the Letters from the World Program.

Place your letter in an unsealed envelope, and address the envelope to the type of person you would like it to be delivered to (for example: “For an 8-year-old girl,” or “For a male high school student,” “For a teacher,” “For a fishermen,” etc…). Please include your email address if possible. Place the envelope in a larger envelope and mail it to:

Letters from the World
Free Gaza Movement
P.O. Box 5341
Beverly Hills, CA 90209-5341

Homework for Israellycool readers: Send an envelope per the above instructions and address it to one of the following:

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