Jerusalem Post Slams Silverstein


Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein posts about his treatment at the hands of the Jerusalem Post, who slammed the numbskull a week after I did.

I’ve arrived in a manner of speaking.  The right-wing Jerusalem Post finds me a significant enough presence to devote an entire article to attacking my Comment is Free post about the Mumbai attacks, Exploiting Mumbai’s Tragedy, in which I argued that the attack was anti-Israeli more than it was anti-Semitic.  I did so in order to diminish the Jewish urge for vengeance and holy war against Islam.

How noble of him! At least he admits he did not argue this on the basis of the logic and facts, which clearly pointed towards anti-Semitic motives.

The headline claims that I “sparked a fury” on the Jewish right with the claim that the Chabad House massacre was not anti-Semitic.  Of course, that headline left out the fact that I did claim it was anti-Israeli and denounced it no matter what the motivation was.  This omission allows a lazy right wing reader (of which there are so many at the Jpost) to presume that I didn’t denounce the attack at all.

Actually, the very first paragraph mentions that Silverstein considered the attack anti-Israeli. So JPost readers would have to be extremely lazy to miss this. Say, as lazy as Tikun Olam readers.

My biggest complaint was that the reporter didn’t show enough koved toward my work to link to it in his article.  LInkage is the coin of the internet realm.  Ironic that the Jerusalem Post blog section does link to Tikun Olam, but its reporter finds my work so outrageous that he refuses to link to it in an article entirely devoted to it.

I don’t really know why Silverstein is complaining. The reporter called him an author, whereas he is nothing more than a blogger with an abundance of time and ignorance. He should be flattered.

And hey, maybe I’ll hit the trifecta: if Rosner writes an entire post at JPost denouncing me it’ll be like going to leftie Jewish heaven.

Presumably with 72 virgins awaiting him.

Meanwhile, if Silverstein is going to take notice of the Jerusalem Post, here’s another article he may want to read.

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