The Demise of a Scumbag

One of the positives to come out of the UK election that returned a hung parliament is the demise of George Galloway, who showed what a coward he truly is.

George Galloway
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The political ambitions of George Galloway and his anti-war Respect party were thwarted by a UK slump in their vote.

Galloway, the party’s only MP in the last parliament, failed to hang on to a seat in east London. He came third in Poplar and Limehouse, behind Labour’s Jim Fitzpatrick and the Conservative candidate.

The Scottish firebrand, a Glasgow Labour MP for 18 years until being expelled from the party, did not turn up for the count in Poplar. As the results were read out, there were cries of “where is he?”

Galloway had won 8,160 votes, a 17.5% share of the vote, a slight fall compared to 2005. In a jibe at the defeated MP, Fitzpatrick sneered: “The disrespect party has clearly suffered a huge defeat and that’s another major positive from yesterday.”

To add insult to injury, it seems his pandering to Muslims not only was not enough to save his (halal) bacon, but did not exactly endear him to Muslim voters.

“We say goodbye to George Galloway,” Ms Ali said. At the mention of Mr Galloway, almost 200 Muslim activists shouted “scum” and “out, out, out”. Ms Ali continued: “We decided it was time to pay our final respects to Respect. Together we voted to end the division and unite the East End.”

Hey George, I’m sure you can always join Hamas. They’ll have you.

11 thoughts on “The Demise of a Scumbag”

  1. So glad this scumbag will no longer be allowed to sit in the house of commons.
    I voted conservative and though we didn't get the majority we needed; it was a good night over all. Hopefully this will lead to a couple of big changes in government policy NOT LEAST that towards Israel.

  2. Jim from Iowa

    I won't miss this guy as a member of the UK Parliament. The only thing that could top it is if the identical twin singing duo collectively known as "Jedward" from "Britain's Got Talent" (I think) were elected to the House of Commons. Not sure what their stand on Israel is, though.

  3. When I first read the Title "Demise of a Scumbag", I was thinking it was talking of all the recent PM that Israel has…well, at least one is on the hot seat, and I am sure the others will follow.

  4. “The article is weird. He lost to a woman he was not running against?”

    The boundaries have changed. He moved to the constituency next door, and lost. She stood in his previous one (but not exactly the same because of boundary changes) and won.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      I uderstand; that’s not uncommon in the States also. But it’s the way they way it, like she defeated him.

  5. Maybe Galloway will have a nice heart attack now.. or as Sean "the communist" Penn wishes on his opponents.. anal cancer… (ever notice how Sean Penn is obsessed with the Anal area?)

  6. As for Jedward, we already have Jedward Milliband in the Commons.

    It certainly is good to see the back of Galloway.

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