You Have To Be Willfully Blind..

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  1. Jim from Iowa

    I agree with you, Dave. What kind of people would participate in a site who's organizing principle is the hatred of another group of people? It's seems more sad and pathetic than anything else.

  2. I laugh in the face of inferior English. Hebrish is so much cuter than Abrish. Language skills aside, imagine the publicity if a ‘1 Million People Who Hate Palestine’ group cropped up. The media would be all over it, at least in Australia. But hate against Israel? Nah, it’s just another day. Throw the Jews down the well… Hating Israel is practically considered a community service.

  3. Wait now I’m just cranky… And I can’t say anything against the poor Gazans, because they’re dying and starving and being killed by the Jews and what not. If it wasn’t for Israellycool I’d totally lose the plot… Thanks Dave 🙂 talk about community service!

    1. Just wait for it to go viral – “HaMossad deploying monkey agents in foreign zoos, gaza: trained to steal passports, CNN claims bonus: monkeys look eerily similar to HAMAS agents.”

  4. Michael Zvi Krumbein

    Looking at those people in Scandanavia who want to boycott Israel, convinced that Israel murdered innocent civilians, reminds me of the people I am dealing with now, who in spite of the actual facts coming to light, are convinced me that the Slonimer had separate schools for Ashkinazim and Sephardim.

    Both of these things are just wearing me out.

  5. Michael Zvi Krumbein

    I wish we did live in a republic, where all of the groups in the country have a say, and the elected officials determine the rules. But it seems the country is turning into a theocracy, whose High Preisthood is the B'gatz, answerable to no one, not chosen by the people's representatives, not limited by any law.

    I'm sorry, but if those parents go to jail, I'm taking the flags off my porch. I now know how the Dati Leumi felt during the withdrawal from Gaza (which, ironically, the Slonimer fought hard to stop). (Of course I still support the country politically; it's all we've got.)

    Imagine! Sephardi parents going to jail for sending their kids to a school which does not have enough Sephardim! Anybody like to apply that standard to any newspaper, university, or any other stronghold of the Left, including the B'gatz itself?

    1. Where are you getting your information, Michael? Ha'aretz certainly does not leave the reader with this impression. Arutz Sheva might be sympathetic to this view, but you know what I think of this media outlet (unreliable is the nicest word I can come up with). Israel, like America, is successful because it is ruled by law, not by fiat. Otherwise, Israel will become just another undemocratic state located in the Middle East.

      1. Jim, as been exhibited many times on this blog, ha'aretz is a very unreliable news source. They are so anti-israel, even more so than their fellow liberal media across the globe. They HATE religious jews more than anything in the world and would do anything to twist a situation to make the religious look fanatic, racist, and deplorable.

        In this situation in particular, looking at the situation through the lens of an orthodox jewish newspaper is key in understanding the real issues involved. Since this is an exclusively religious issue (since the involved are all religious) and not an issue between the religious and secular sectors of society, the most unbiased reporting on the matter would be a religious newspaper which does not have previous misconceptions of the religious sector.

        I believe Michael(I could be wrong) gets his information on this issue from these religious newspapers.

        When it comes to finding unbiased reporting, I always feel you have to look at the left and the right wing newspapers to see whats really going on in the world. But when it comes to something specific, like this situation, I rely on the newspaper that will be least likely to be biased on the issue.

      2. And Michael is not proposing israel becomes a theocratic state, it should continue to be a democratic state, however he is merely making the point that the courts cannot let their biases and lack of understanding of the religious non-state school system allow them to send these parents to jail.

        1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

          I think the truth here is likely to be found from a reading of the court decision. Does anyone haver a link?

      3. Michael Zvi Krumbein

        Ha'aretz in Hebrew might be a newspaper, albeit a very biased one, but the internet version certainly is not. They do not differentiate between fact and opinion, and they are clearly anti-semitic, as shown in the article where they tried to make a Jew who killed Arabs in the territories into a Chareidi.

        Arutz Sheva's newspaper blew this story; I am quite upset at them. The anti-chareidi Jerusalem Post appeared to get it pretty correct. There was a whole discussion and several links on this several days back; I would refer you to that.

        A read a report – unfortunately, the name of the paper was not given – from a reporter who actually read the decision and was quite upset at his colleages for misreporting it. This reporter was clearly not Chareidi or even friendly. The whole issue reminds me of the Arizona law.

      4. Michael Zvi Krumbein

        The "Ashkenazi" school is 27% Sephardi. The only school that may be discriminating in that city is a Sephardi school, but in a country where "positive discrimination" is not an accusation but a policy, this seems to be legal.

        Maybe the U.S. will give them asylum, like it gave the parents in Germany who wanted to home-school their child. But I doubt they would want to leave the Holy Land.

      5. Michael Zvi Krumbein

        "Israel, like America, is successful because it is ruled by law, not by fiat. Otherwise, Israel will become just another undemocratic state located in the Middle East. "

        This is what I am saying. What you are missing is that the theocracy being imposed is not Judaism. It is your "religion" that is being imposed here by fiat.

  6. I think this is generalizing just a bit. While much of the hatred for Israel is rooted in Anti-Semitism, I have to say not all of it is. I have talked to Anti-Zionists who genuinely don't hate Jews, they just disagree with many of Israel's actions. Other than that, this picture is amusing and made me chuckle a bit. It just comes to show that many Anti-Zioinsts do compare Jews to apes. Haha.

    1. You are absolutely right. However, the vast majority are indeed anti-semitic and they use the support of liberals to hide their hatred of jews.

      There are people who have valid claims against israel and her actions. That is fine because its their opinion, but they do not HATE israel. Hatred of Israel is really a masked form of anti-semitism.

      So if people have complaints against Israel or they are fed by the media this idea that Israel is the aggressor, that is a very different story. But this group hates Israel, therefore they are anti-semitic.

    2. I don't buy the fact that 'Anti-Zionists' are not deep down, anti-Semitic. If they feel so strongly about every other country in the world that has issues, injustice, than I'd agree, but none do. Are your 'Anti-Zionist' friends also anti Communist China? anti hanging in Iran? anti-whoever in Darfur that killed hundreds of thousands with machetes? anti-Zimbabwe?

      When they are equally against everything, then I'd accept the fact that maybe they are not prejudiced.

  7. n o spells no

    I reported this page on Facebook this morning and now it's gone. They must have gotten a lot of complaints. Good riddance.

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