Following reports yesterday that Israel was seeking written guarantees from the US, the Obama administration is drafting something to persuade Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government to renew the “settlement” freeze in Judea and Samaria.

settlement freeze“It was always envisioned that there would be a letter detailing our understandings,” the [US] official said. “We are nailing down the specifics.”

Nailing down the specifics? Way to rub it in.

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

2:45PM: PA TV broadcasts children’s thoughts on Yasser Arafat (via PMW).

And while there is talk of struggle, they are not referring to the reaction of their fellow children when Arafat forced himself on them.

1:45PM: Did you know that the year after the Six Day War, Israel and Iran did battle against each other, with Iran defeating us?

Mahmoud Bayati’s story goes back longer than most people’s memories. In 1968, Bayati was already 37 years old and coach of the Iranian national team. It was a year that remains a landmark for the sport in Iran as Bayati led Team Melli to victory in the AFC Asian Cup on home soil.

That fact that his team had beaten Israel 2-1 in the decisive match in the heart of Tehran – the Amjadie Stadium – made it all the more sweet.

“It was tense,” Bayati told of the match, which was the last for both teams in the round-robin format. “It was not long after the Six Day War and this added more fuel to the fire.??

“One night before the match, there was a rumour that a rich Israeli had bought all the tickets so that we would not have any fans. It was very stressful,” added Bayati, one of many legendary coaches being honoured this year by AFC as part of the Asian Coaches Year celebrations.

“So, the government decided to open the gates and allow the people to enter the stadium. They filled every corner and even the running track around the pitch.”??

Goals by Homoyoon Behzadi (75 minutes) and Parviz Ghelichkhani (86) helped Iran recover from the 1-0 deficit to make history with their first Asian Cup triumph.??

You can read more about it here.

1:40PM: An Al Qaida linked group has threatened Israel in Hebrew – to quote Madonna – “for the very first time.”

An Al Qaida-linked group issued a Hebrew threat on Thursday to avenge Israel’s killing of two Gaza militants, in what an expert said was the first use of the language for such propaganda.

In the half-minute-long recording posted on a website used by declared Al-Qaida affiliates, a hoarse male voice tells the “aggressor Jews” they will not be safe from rockets and other attacks until they “leave the land of Palestine”.

The speaker identifies himself as a member of the group Jemaa Ansar al-Sunna or “Community of Sunna Supporters”, which has a presence in Gaza.


Matti Steinberg, an Israeli intelligence veteran who specializes in Islamism, said it was unprecedented for Hebrew to be used on an Al-Qaida forum.

While Osama bin Laden’s followers have made public appeals in languages other than Arabic, this was usually to “win over, educate and preach to the wider Muslim world”, Steinberg said. “Here, by contrast, it seems the idea to make Jews feel that the threat is close at hand — and not some distant menace.”

The recording, which was quoted on Israel’s Army Radio, ends by invoking “al Quds”, Arabic for Jerusalem. The speaker’s reference to rockets suggests links with Palestinians in Gaza, where this has been a favorite mode of attack against Israel.

9:40AM: Ricky Gervais sidekick Karl Pilkington – a.k.a the “Idiot Abroad” – visits Israel.

Line of the year: “It’s like Pacman”

6:08AM: Another “Boycott Israel” flash mob fail.

I’m beginning to think the prerequisites for joining this movement are no singing or dancing prowess, and an aversion to showering.

14 thoughts on “The Day In Israel: Thurs Nov 18th, 2010”

  1. When are these stores going to call the cops? I cant even imagine being in a store and a bunch of people walk in to sing a protest song. Then they vandalize store products with their pamphelets shoved in boxes. What the hell

    They have three big guys of African descent that could easily ask these disruptors to leave immediately as they are ruining business.

    1. What else are people to think of such an event? With their off-key musicality and spastic dance moves, one would naturally assume its some kind of big goof. This cannot possibly be an effective way to get their stupid point across, can it? Maybe if these loons would take a half step back and see that HP is selling scanning equipment to a friendly country so that friendly country can protect its citizens from being murdered by terrorists concealing lethal explosives.

        1. The power of one. You're like some kind of pro-Israel super hero or something. Are you wearing your "Kick-Ass" outfit right now?

    1. All I gotta say to that is what about the millions of descendants of the Mizrahi and Sephardim who were exiled from the lands of their fathers and forefathers because they were Jewish? People are so stupid.

  2. It 's interesting that the Obama administration is "drafting" something to spell out details about the quid pro quo for a temporary freeze on settlement building. In the past, Israel and the US had lots of "understandings" that were honored by both countries. But when Obama came into power and denied long-standing understandings with Israel, it obviously made it necessary to reduce future understandings to writing. I'd say that it is essentially unfortunate that it has come to this between what was a close alliance. But I also remember that in 1956, the secret "understanding" between Britain, France and Israel whereby Israel would be the bad guy and attack Egypt to ensure an open Suez Canal, had been acknowledged in a written memo given to Israel by an inexperienced British diplomat. In the aftermath, that secret written memo was able to contradict public denials by Britain and France and prove that Israel had been given the green light and support of these two countries. So having understandings in writing may not be such a bad thing after all. I wonder what will be done about a probable strike on Iran. Memo, anyone?

    1. Your analysis of our allegedly flagging alliance is pretty one-sided. I recognize that Obama is not popular in Israel and he is not trusted by any number of pro-Israel Americans, but it is not as bad as you suggest. America and Israel have had differences over many issues in the past. But they were transitional in nature (i.e. how best to get from point A to point B on the road to peace) and never threatened the foundation of our friendship and alliance. That is the case today. Have you noticed the extremists among the politically active right-wing in Israel who are hostile to Obama and try at every turn to sabotage Israel's close relationship with the US? Read and listen to Arutz Sheva regularly and you will recognize that these attitudes do exist among a small, vocal minority.

  3. Jim, people in Israel are not the only ones hostile to Obama. How do you explain the Republican wins in the past election? You like him, he's your president. Move on. Accept that there are people who feel about him the way you feel about Bush. What I can't understand is how you take it so personally. BTW, quit using Arutz Sheva as a scapegoat. It's annoying.

    1. All I can say is "The Truth Will Set You Free." I'm not sure where that expression came from, probably an old Jerry Herman number, but it is applicable here. And I'll try to ease up on that far right media organ whose name I cannot speak (kind of like that Harry Potter villain). I don't want to run a point into the ground (like some on here would). Fair enough.

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