Exclusive: Photos of Abducted Mossad Agent

As I posted earlier this week, the Saudis captured a vulture they believed was spying for Israel.

Now, thanks to Firas Press, we have more details.

[warning: Dodgy-at-times auto-translation]

Media said that the Saudi security forces have arrested an Israeli eagle is likely to be an agent for the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, had been spying after flying in Saudi airspace, before injury forced him to get off near the home of a Saudi sheik.

And managed some of the Saudi citizens in the region of Hail “arrested” on the Eagle spy after falling from a house near forced a Senate in the region.

Saudi authorities have revealed that the Israeli eagle was carrying under his wings and legs of some metal bracelets, and a commentator on his body, in addition to the file number in the offices of the Mossad. 

The spy is unveiled after the bird that chased Saudiyon citizens and were able to catch because he was suffering from an injury, as well as for devices that were weighing metal wings, which require specialized tarmac by up to 30 meters.

And according to the newspaper “Maariv” Israel, have been found in the body of the eagle on the transmitter “LG. Me. S “and also found a bracelet on the books by the University of Tel Aviv.

Have been handed the bird to Saudi security, which doubts, to have this bird a client in a “Mossad,” Israel, and that his presence in Saudi Arabia is linked to the task of espionage, in particular that when attempts to arrest him was defending itself in a way appear highly trained, where he was called out of his mouth small pieces of metal were published smell and then pick them back. – As media reports said.

However, the Nature Protection Authority of Israel, which confirmed the presence of this eagle in Saudi airspace, denied that the transmitter is located on the body of the eagle with the purposes of espionage, but to find out his whereabouts, only, has also confirmed that this eagle was caught in Israel in 2008, and has been trained and maintain him until he reached the age of six years.

And according to Saudi newspapers, the process of arrest and fishing eagle “spy” working for the Mossad is the second of its kind in Saudi Arabia and in a short period. – As press sources said.

Meanwhile, here are the first photos of the “Mossad agent’s” apprehension

Zionist vulture

Zionist vulture

Notice the look of determination on the Saudi man’s face. He believes he’s just caught the Israeli James Bond. Our Ace Vultura, if you will.

I hate to break it to the Saudis, but it looks very much like a regularly tagged vulture. And if you don’t believe me, see here for similar photos.

But they should feel free to launch an investigation into this latest Zionist outrage. Heck, I can even recommend someone to lead it.

Bird brains.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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