Lock, Chop and Too Much Information


Guy Ritchie’s marriage to Madonna may not have lasted, but he reportedly has a lasting reminder of it.

guy ritchie painThere are many things a man would do for the woman he loves but not every man would consider losing part of his manhood.

But Guy Ritchie is said to have agreed to say sayonara to his foreskin to please his then-wife Madonna.

It has been claimed that the Lock Stock director- who attended the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last Friday -was circumcised to adhere to the Material Girl’s Kabbalah beliefs.

Karen Berg, a spiritual adviser to Madonna, is reported to have said that Ritchie underwent the surgeon’s knife to please his then-wife, according to New York magazine.

The mother-of-two who co-founded the modern Kabbalah Centre in L.A. is reported to have said that Madonna: ‘keeps a kosher home, she observes Shabbat, she circumcised her son and had her [ex-] husband circumcised’

I’m sure Ritchie was not used to saying “And cut!” in that context.

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