Breaking News: Things That Go Boom In The Night


It would appear that a very large “secret” weapons dump of Hezbollah has gone bang.

Isn’t it comforting that UNIFIL, the UN agency that is supposed to watch out for Israel’s security by preventing Hezbollah from re-arming, “heard about the explosion on the news”.


THE DAILY STAR :: News :: Politics :: Huge blast rocks Hezbollah stronghold in south Lebanon.

SIDDIQIN, Lebanon: A huge explosion shook a Hezbollah stronghold near Siddiqin in the southern coastal city of Tyre overnight, a security source told The Daily Star Wednesday.

The source said the cause of the blast, which was heard shortly before midnight, could not be determined due to the heavy security blanket by Hezbollah.

Lebanese security forces were unable to access the scene of the explosion after the resistance group set up a security perimeter around the blast site, which is located in a valley called Wadi Al-Jabal al-Kabir between Siddiqin and Deir Ames, the source added.

Local media said the explosion likely took place at a Hezbollah arms cache.

“There are no comments so far,” Hezbollah’s office said when contacted by The Daily Star.

As four Israeli warplanes flew over Siddiqin at around 10.00 a.m., patrols by the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon were active in the area, where village life has returned to normal. A UNIFIL helicopter could also be seen flying over the village.

A spokesman for U.N. peacekeeping force said UNIFIL had heard about the explosion on the news.

“We have no information at the moment. We are checking this report,” Andrea Tenenti told The Daily Star by telephone.

h/t the sorely missed Challah Hu Akbar


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