Ynet’s Douche Fixation

For the second time in a few weeks, Ynet has quoted The DouchebloggerTM as if a legitimate, trustworthy source of information.

A massive explosion rocked a Hezbollah stronghold near Siddiqin in the southern coastal city of Tyre in southern Lebanon overnight Wednesday, a security source told The Daily Star. There were no reports of injuries.

Local media said the explosion likely took place at a Hezbollah arms cache. 

The source told the Lebanese newspaper that the cause of the blast could not be determined because Hezbollah cordoned off the area.

American blogger Richard Silverstein claimed Israel was behind the explosion. Quoting an Israeli official with “considerable military experience,” the blogger wrote “IDF military intelligence (Aman) has out foxed Hezbollah by deliberately crash-landing a booby-trapped Trojan Horse drone in southern Lebanon.

“For over a year, Hezbollah has been attempting to discover how to jam the ground signals commanding the drone so as to disable them in flight. When it discovered the downed craft, its operatives must’ve crowed that they’d finally discovered the key to success. This bit of hubris is how Aman drew Hezbollah into its net. Its soldiers dutifully collected the imagined intelligence trophy and brought it to a large weapons depot it controlled in the area. Once inside the arms cache, Aman detonated the drone causing a massive explosion,” Silverstein claimed.

I am not sure if this propensity to quote Silverstein as a trustworthy source is a general problem at Ynet, or has afflicted only Dudi Cohen, who wrote the previous piece and contributed to this latest one. Either way, it makes me want to ignore Ynet altogether.

Meanwhile, Ynet has conveniently left out the following quote from El Doucherino’s post:


Given the size of the explosion, we should expect that a good deal of its weapons cache in the south has been destroyed.


At any rate, as soldiers, even brilliant ones, often do, Hezbollah made a fatal error which the IDF exploited.  And before Israel’s supporters jump for joy at another Israeli victory in the unending war on terror, remember that in 1999, a Hezbollah cell phone was brought to the vaunted IDF Unit 8200 headquarters for examination.  The soldiers preparing to view it joked “If it explodes, we’ll know.”  It did indeed explode seriously wounding the two senior Israeli intelligence officers.  Not to mention the major amount of egg it splattered on the face of Israel’s renowned intelligence agency.

The moral being, in this dirty game called asymmetrical warfare, you and your enemy circle each other warily seeking to exploit any weakness.  And you will make mistakes because you are only human.  The fatal assumption is that your opponent is the only dumb one who will make them, and you never will.

In other words, Silverstein considers Hizbullah to be an army of soldiers – not a terror organization – and considers their attacks on Israel to be part of legitimate warfare. And despite acknowledging that the explosion likely took out “a good deal of its weapons cache in the south” – reducing the number of rockets to be fired at innocent Israeli civilians – he doesn’t seem overly happy about it, and considers it part of a “dirty game.”

Just so you realize, this is the scum Ynet has chosen as their go-to guy.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media