Jerusalem And Back In A Better Place Car

Another fine example of Israeli Apartheid (not)

This week I took two non-frivolous journeys in my Better Place car: journeys I took because I needed to not just that I wanted to. Here’s the first.

On Tuesday night I drove to Jerusalem, switching my battery on the way and parking in a beautiful car park under the Mamila shopping centre and hotel. The parking garage has 12 places with power for Better Place cars and I was the only EV using the spaces. It was easy. I spent a few hours in Jerusalem, took a few pictures and attended a meeting about 1km from the parking garage. I walked there.

I actually streamed a small part of the battery switch live on Ustream… if you were following my twitter stream and quick you could have seen this live, how exciting! Wait for the 30s mark where the battery gauge shoots from 0 to 100% in an instant.

Live broadcasting by Ustream

On the way back I took home a passenger (Mordechi Kedar) and he paid for a taxi to take us up the hill to the garage. I’d have walked. I had switched my battery at Anava Junction on the road to Jerusalem when it was 57% full. I arrived in Jerusalem with the battery again around 50% and by the time I left (after charging slowly for a few hours) it was full. The trip back down the hill used far less battery (maybe 10% less) and even with a big detour to take Prof Kedar home.

One mild hiccup in Jerusalem: the built in GPS system led me to drive along King George street in a bus lane. That was kinda stupid. I’ve told Better Place and I hope they stop it doing this. I may have to run Waze and have a second opinion while negotiating Jerusalem’s tortuous and often changing narrow streets.

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