Batshit Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

Posted by Iran’s PressTV of course.

The international peaceful sports event that has taken place in London unfolds as the pro-Israeli lobby’s activities lose disguise in front of people, including researchers.
Many conspiracies have been forming ever since London was voted as the 2012 host for the summer games back in 2005.

Soon after the vote, Britain began planning and constructing the Olympic Park along with various elements. These elements have gradually shown signs of mystery and controversies that are linked to secret organizations.

London-based secret investing organizations include possibility movements of the Illuminati, Freemasons, the British Royal Family and the highly funded pro-Israeli lobby or Zionist groups.

The pro-Israeli lobby in Britain has been statistically proven to be more powerful and influential than its influential branch in the US.

The US holds 13 pro-Zionist senators in its Senate and another 30 in the House of Representatives. Though, in Britain, the Jewish community is 20 times smaller, but there are 18 in the House of Commons and 41 in the House of Lords.

In an online article by Eric L Andrews, the difference between the majority of practicing Jews and the Zionist movement is explained.

Practitioners of the Jewish faith are said to have been scattered all over the globe due to their betrayal of Yahwah God. They were traditionally ordered by Jewish law to adapt peacefully in their host countries and respect their local governments.

Differing from the practitioners of Judaism, the Zionist movement formed in the late 19th Century. This minority of Jews focused more on Nationalism rather than the Jewish faith itself. They planned to occupy a land in order to make it home to followers of Judaism as they used political, financial and media support in their favor of domination.

The goal of the Zionist movement is very similar to that of the New World Order conspiracy known as the Illuminati that some believe is behind many of the activities related to the current 2012 London Olympics.

It is said that a small but very powerful Zionist group, has a place in the Illuminati inner circle powers. Their aim is to create a single government that could control all aspects of the global population.

According to Icke and Springmeier, thinkers of conspiracy, the secret powerful Zionist investors already dictate world economic and food policies, controlling presidents and prime ministers and manipulate young generations of people through music, movie and sports entertainments.

Conspiracy researchers believe that pro-Israeli lobbies and Illuminati powers take a liking to clues and symbols.

The 2012 logo for the London Olympics has been recognized in jumbled letters to spell the word Zion, the Zionist religious name for New Jerusalem.

A possible element of Zionist or Illuminati influences can be seen in the physical appearances of the London Olympics mascots Wenlock and Mandeville, both designed with one large eye that parents in London find strange and creepy as the creatures are supposed to be role model characters for their children.

Coincidental to the whole event in London, another symbol has also been recognized in the London Olympics stadium’s lights.

The stadium lights happen to be in the shape and form of pyramids that is visible and illuminated to millions of viewers. The unusual similarity to the Illuminati pyramid of the All Seeing Eye has began to raise questions, especially with internet users who have viewed documentaries regarding Zionism and Illuminati possibilities.

The conspiracy thinkers believe that the 2012 Olympics is the Zionist-lobby’s latest target to invest and multiply on its power in the West.

The Zionist movement also appears to have been making its way into British policing affairs.

The privatized company that describes itself as the “world’s leading international security solutions group” G4S, was assigned to be the primary security force during London’s Olympic event.

Apart from its embarrassment on failing to provide enough security guards for the London Olympics, G4S is also known as a notorious supporter of Zionism and human rights abuses.

On June 10, Moscow’s news channel Russia Today (RT) reported G4S’s activities in Jewish settlements that raised questions in Westminster.

G4S is known to be providing equipment to the Israeli regime’s military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank. It also sends security systems of technology to a detention centre in Ramallah where Palestinian political prisoners, including women and children are imprisoned and tortured. This facility was strongly criticized for human rights abuses in 2010.

Even though G4S has a questionable reputation, it is still authorized without hesitation to be the main security company to watch London’s Olympics.

Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist said that G4S is the worst sort of company in the world to be picked for such a position.

He also commented on the G4S’s influence in Britain’s policing and control over London’s police stations, adding, “This is basically the privatization of the British police force. It’s being sucked in by the G4S, he added that the company is even starting to operate police stations, they are also starting to do a lot of civilian support work for the police.”

With pro-Israeli contributions in vast UK investments, positions in British parliament and London policing, the 2012 Olympic Games may be an organized highjacking of peace and equity.

Let’s examine some of these ridiculous claims.

Firstly, regarding the London 2012 Olympics logo, anyone can see it looks more like Lisa Simpson engaged in a lewd act than the word “Zion.”


As for the Olympics mascots Wenlock and Mandeville, I see the monster from the trash compactor scene in Star Wars more than anything else.

Finally, regarding the stadium lights being in the shape and form of pyramids, doesn’t this more point towards a secret Egyptian link to the Olympics?

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  1. What are they going to say about the Rio games in four years? That Rio’s string bikinis are a Zionist plot to corrupt Islam?

  2. Not sure if this got any press coverage in Israel, but there is a storyline from the London Olympics that individual athletes can transcend politics. It features two olympic wrestlers, one from America and the other from Iran, embracing at the medal ceremony. I saw it on what amounts to Huffington Post’s Sports Section, such as it is. War with Iran is still a pretty tough sell here in the States after our recent experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      1. I hear ABC is going to make an After-School Special out of the event starring Will Smith playing the American wrestler and Jeremy Piven playing the Iranian (are there any real Iranian actors?)

        1. Are they going to do one on the wall being built in the training room so the Arab athlete would not pollute his eyes by seeing Jews?

          The Berlin Olympics live.

  3. Leor Blumenthal

    As for the Olympics mascots Wenlock and Mandeville, I see the monster from the trash compactor scene in Star Wars more than anything else.

    Dave its called a dianoga.

  4. Does Ron Paul know about this?

    “The US holds 13 pro-Zionist senators in its Senate and another 30 in the House of Representatives. Though, in Britain, the Jewish community is 20 times smaller, but there are 18 in the House of Commons and 41 in the House of Lords.”

    Only 30? Shall I guess “pro-Zionist” means Jews? And how many senators are in the House of Representatives, anyway?

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