BDS Fail of the Day


I do not like, really dislike, vanilla halva.

Therefore, I was really glad that Avi Mayer found the facts on yet another untrue piece published on Electronic Intifada.

I was set to organize a buycott of Ahva Vanilla Halva after reading that Delta Airlines stopping using it because Ahdut Factory was located in Barkan Industrial Park.

So very glad that is yesterday’s proven BDSFail.

While the BDS movement can say what they want, and do not bother sticking to facts,

take a look at who showed up for the annual Jerusalem International Arts & Crafts Fair.

Over 40 international countries were represented, but two interesting favorites were;

photo Indonesia at fair in Jerusalem

Indonesia, which seemed very popular,

Turkey selling at Jerusalem fair

and India, love the outfit.

A few misguided folks may call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel,

but who is really listening?


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