A Big Date for President Peres

The President of the United States was busy at the UN,

but how many people noticed that the President of Israel was busy too?

Beit Hanassi, the Israeli President’s official residence,

is not the kind of place you just drop in and say hi.

But on the Sukkot holiday, the President of Israel hosts an open sukkah

Beit Hanasi on Sukkot morning

and thousands of people waited in the hot sun to get inside the gates.

Whoever thinks that Israelis have no patience should try this some time.

The theme this year was good health, eating good food and drinking water.

We all should eat healthy sign

All of us want to be healthy, so I include this vegetable person that was on display.

They do say that laughing and humor is good for you.

Sukkot at Israeli President's house

Peres sat on stage with Health Minister Yael German to watch the performance.

Usually there are many dance groups and singers to entertain the large audience,

Shimon Peres accompanies singers on tambourine

and this special group got a special tambourine man to join them.

Judo students on stage

In keeping with the health theme, judo students and acrobats performed.

Notice the Israeli state symbol is on the backdrop, a very good health idea,

as last year the set almost killed the president.

Display of Israel flags

There were no Israeli flags on the stage, but rather outside.

Maybe the wind was too strong to take a chance with them falling over?

And the inside the sukkah

Israeli flag image with flowers

there was lots of fruit and flowers and an Israeli flag,

Largest dates in world photo

and the world’s largest dates.

At 90 years of age the tambourine man could celebrate with any date he wanted.


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