The Prince and the President

The news, well at least Israeli cyberspace news, was full of Paula and the President.

The same size crowd certainly did not come out to see the Crown Prince of Denmark.

photo Prince Frederik of Denmark visit Israe

At first I was going to make jokes about how he looked like a regular guy from Tel Aviv.

photo Peres and Prince Frederik, image President Peres and Prince of Denmark.

And how this official royal visit was a handshake only, very proper no kissing occasion.

Prince Frederik and Shimon Peres photo, official handshake picture, image Peres and royal visit

The Prince and the President did the official handshake and smiled for cameras.

But then they sat down with flags behind them, and

photo Prince Denmark and President Israel, image royal viisit to Israel

President Peres told the Prince how we would never forget what Denmark did to save

Danish Jews in World War II.

The Prince in his reply mentioned the little boats that 70 years ago ferried Jews away

from the Nazis and to safety in Sweden.

Not funny after all.

That was a serious story.

A story that should that be remembered and shared.

Too bad the Queen and King of Denmark have not been to Israel.

But people are still talking about Paula.


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