Truth About Palestine: 1936 – 1939


BDS and Anti-Israel Israel Apartheid Week organizers must be very busy this year,

as their month long hate festival has now sprawled to a five full weeks.

Before their lies, hate and narratives get into full swing, it is time for a truth about Palestine.

Go back to 1936, long before there were “Israeli occupied settlements” as an excuse

and no one heard of the “West Bank.”

A boycott of the Jews of Palestine was called by Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini.

Violence and riots followed.

image pillbox sign, photo Jerusalem photo, picture Palestine

The British army built these pillboxes for their safety, around what was then Jerusalem.

image pillbox, Palestine poster, photo pillbox Jerusalem, picture Palestine

By the end of the Arab riots of 1936-1939 in Palestine,

415 Jews were murdered.

But because of the boycott, the Jews of Palestine developed their own improved agricultural systems and were no longer dependent on Arab farmers.

1936-1939, could very well be the first #BDSFail.

Truth about Palestine.


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