Foreskin Man Creator Posts Link To Antisemitic Thread On His Facebook Page


monster_mohelAnti-circumcision comic Foreskin Man first came to my attention almost three years ago, after the release of its first edition, which depicted Jews using Nazi-era antisemitic imagery.

It’s creator Matthew Hess has denied being antisemitic.

But earlier this month, he posted this.

The link takes you to this forum thread, including comment like this:

[language warning]

Are you a mixed bastard? I wouldn’t be surprised. For you disgusting kikes who somehow believe they’re “chosen peopl” (giggle, giggle) seems that even exposing your pedosexuality, cases of bribery or any else that is linked to jewish behaviour is seen as “anti-semitism”. Are you Aware that Aschkenasim are turk mongrels and gentiles? They’re not even a small percentage semite. Damn, what I hate more than Jews who practice their deviant Religion are their helpershelpers


Anti-Semitism is a jewish coined term to silence opposition. It doesn’t work on an anonymous board, stupid.


Well guys, this is the difference. If something is “anti-semitic” and funny it’s hilarious. If something is very gross it’s just anti-semitic and Needs forbidden. maybe some reparations to pay and the disgusting kike is happy. oh an guys /co/ sucks you’re already well manipulated kike-alikes. Congrats!


Do the mohels try and suck the bloody baby cock in the comic like they do in real life?

Note the date of all of these comments is prior to Hess’ Facebook post. Which means he would have read them before deciding to post what he did.

The question is why did he post it without comment? Surely, if he wanted to distance himself from the vile antisemitism on display, he would have at the very least condemned it.

Methinks Mr Hess is appropriately named after all.

Update: Yes really.

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