Today at the Kotel there were tens of thousands of people on the Western Wall Plaza.  The usual groups of foreign tourists were out in the mid-day sun, as were ALL the bar mitzvah age children from Rechovot.

It was so crowded that it took extra time to walk around.

image Arab woman with Israeli women

There was also an end of kita aleph chumash party.  A group of children had come from outside of Jerusalem, at the end of their first grade year, to proudly be presented their own Holy Book near Judaism’s Holiest site, the Temple Mount and Kotel, with song and dance. So of course, parent paparazzi were there too.

image of Arab woman, Israel apartheid photo

But in the middle of the program, along came a woman dressed in black with a blue head covering.

image Arab woman, Photo Palestinian apartheid

As she slowly walked through the center, the children stopped. Everyone just watched, surprised and silent. Except for one father standing next to me who mumbled,

“Can you imagine what would happen if you did such a thing at a Quran celebration?”

I knew I had my Photo of the Day. 

So much for Israeli Apartheid, ethnic cleaning, and barriers…that is unless Pallywood wants to fake another photo.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: The Party Crasher”

  1. Somewhere in the world there will be a headline like – “Jerusalem: Religious Fanatic Israeli Youth Besiege Helpless Elderly Arab Woman”.

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