An Indian Shopkeeper In London


ndtvThis is not a horror story. Walking down the local high street with my mother and child, an Indian shopkeeper who knows us came out to say hello. He knows I moved to Israel.

He takes me aside and his first words to me are “did you see NDTV?” meaning the rocket firing report. I told him I was one of the first in Israel to see and share that report!

Then he says “Those Hamas: they’re really bad terrorists. Just like the ones we had in Mumbai – you know, the ones who also killed the Jews”.

Yes, I definitely do remember the terrorists who massacred people in Mumbai including the Chabad Rabbi and his family.

He really gets it. I asked him about NDTV – New Delhi TV and he told me he watches it all the time. He says it was started by an Indian ex-pat who he knows distantly from this part of London.

So the UK is not quite finished, but support will come from people who don’t watch or trust the BBC as their main source of news.

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