Israeli National Team Wins Medal in Turkey

World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships may not be big news or big deal.

OK, some may not even consider it sports or news.

But Israel’s national gymnastics team won the silver medal Sunday in the 2014 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships – in Izmir, Turkey.

image Israeli team in Turkey

photo EPA

The team should be proud of their accomplishment and given a big mazel tov.

image Israeli silver medal winners in world competition

photo EPA

The medal may be the team’s biggest achievement to date, but besides their perfect performance, the location of their success makes me smile.

UPDATE:  Sofia News Agency did not acknowledge that Israel won.  (Ht – Walt)

“Italy, a traditional winner over the last years, which ranked second…”

4th place Russia gets named, but not silver winner Israel. – See more 


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