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He Knew Me as Michelle

Orit's eulogy for one of the victims of the Temple Mount attack

The Demise Of Knife Man

Reuters outdo themselves

Jerusalem Terrorist Attack: 3-Month-Old Child Murdered

A terrorist rammed his car into a crowd of people, murdering a 3-month-old American girl, and wounding 8 other people

Palestinian Takes A Stab At Missing Class

Old and busted: "The dog ate my homework." New hotness: "I had a Jew to stab."

The Animal Of Toulouse

The terrorist who murdered four Jews in cold blood in Toulouse this week was not your typical jihadist. True, he was an animal, but one of the partying kind

Brave Islamic Warrior Guns Down Zionist Ursurpers

I don't really have anything to add to the plethora of editorials and posts on events in Toulouse, France. Partly because I can't actually improve on what has already been said, and partly because I don't have the emotional strength right now to even try
ben josef livnat

PA Kills Jew And Wound 5 More

While Christians around the world celebrate Easter, at least one member of the Jewish faith has been shot and killed, and 5 others wounded, for exercising their right to practice theirs.

Terror Attack: Anti-Tank Missile Fired At Bus

Give these people a state and give it to them now!

Glenn Beck on Itamar Attack

Say what you want about Glenn Beck. He has the courage to call evil what it is.


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