At the end of October and during the first week of November, there was a cacophony of antisemitic oinking coming from South Africa. The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) in the Western Cape placed a pig’s head in a supermarket as part of a BDS campaign to boycott the supermarket for stocking Israeli goods. COSAS primarily angered the Muslim community for the simple reason that that particular supermarket branch stocked Halal meats and not kosher meat. The Jewish community however was enraged at this blatant act of antisemtism. BDS South Africa were quick to distance themselves from the ‘pig’s head incident’ but nevertheless tweeted, retweeted, deleted and ever since, continue to retweet material related to the blatantly antisemitic incident.


COSAS, surprised by the outrage, claimed to have dismissed the person responsible, then published a statement condoning the incident, retracted, reaffirmed and are to date, still unsure of how to handle their members and invective. The ruling ANC party published a statement condemning the act but statements and actions seem to differ.

An assistant director from the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) felt no qualms about resurfacing a pig in a social media antisemitic comment.

An online grassroots organisation called “SpotlightingSA” picked up the comment which I am publishing here with permission.


‘SpotlightingSA’ combats antisemitism and false narratives concerning Israel and primarily focuses on South Africa. Spotlighting also monitors antisemitism and holds individuals accountable for racism, bias, bigotry and above all antisemitism. Spotlighting is an independent organisation unaffiliated to any organisation or political agenda.


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