Fake Gazan Civilian Watch: Izzat Really A Journalist?

Earlier this week, we showed how a 17 year old Islamic Jihad terrorist was passed off as a “civilian.”

Now here’s a 23-year-old Islamic Jihad military media person being passed of as a “freelance photographer.”

Izzat Duheir 1


And in case there is still any doubt regarding his affiliation with a terrorist organization, here’s said terrorist organization issuing an obituary for him, calling him a “Shaheed Mujahid”, terror-speak for terrorist.


It’s no surprise then that PCHR make no mention of his terrorist affiliation:

??? ????? ???? ??? ???? ??? 23 ?????

“Ezzat Salama Duheir a freelance journalist, 23 years old”

Moreover, him graduating from the Media department of the Islamic university, makes him a “journalist”, and he’s also listed as one of those 17 “innocent journalists” Israel killed. Naturally, here too there is no mention of him being an active member of Islamic Jihad:

29/7/2014: Twenty-three year old journalist Izzat Dahir, who was a correspondent for Al-Hurriyah al-Ilamiyah network in Hebron was killed.

Update: I have noticed the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center have listed Izzat Duheir in a report dealing exclusively with the 123 Islamic Jihad casualties (p. 20 in the PDF). The incriminating post by Islamic Jihad themselves vindicate, once more, the Meir Amit Center’s research.



Judge Dan

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