Max Blumenthal And Ali Abunimah #HeartHamas


I have already blogged about the disastrous (to Hamas) #AskHamas initiative on Twitter. While the majority of questions are mocking and deriding the terrorists, some are using it to show their support for them.

People like the detestable Max Blumenthal.

Meanwhile, Blumenthal’s equally detestable Israel-hating cohort, Ali “Abumination” Abunimah, is trying to help Hamas spread their propaganda, by retweeting their answer lie to one of the questions.

abunimah retweet

This is of course laughable, given the antisemitism inherent in the Hamas Charter and other statements from Hamas. But then again, we already know Abunimah likes Hamas and is trying to present a “non-Jew hatred” face to the Jew-hating movement.

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