Summertime In Israel


In case there was any doubt, Summer has arrived in Israel.


Oh, and this:

red alert

And what prompted them to fire the rockets at us?

What “crime” did we commit?

We just are.

A source in Gaza said the firing was the result of an internal dispute inside the Islamic Jihad terror group, which has included kidnappings of people in northern Gaza.

The source said Islamic Jihad recently appointed a new commander to oversee the northern region of the coastal enclave.

The new commander was supposed to start his new position today officially, but his predecessor opposed it, sparking clashes between the two commanders’ supporters.

The new commander’s men then kidnapped two operatives working under the former commander and, in retaliation, the predecessor’s followers decided to fire rockets at Israel.

Remember this when the predictable cliches “cycle of violence” and “tit-for-tat’ are bandied around.

There is no “tit for tat” – just a bunch of tits out to destroy us.

Update 10:30: Brian here with the tweet I put out last night which got quite a bit of attention. Even our friend Roseanne Barr re-tweeted it.

As yet the BBC hasn’t carried news of either the rocket fire into Israel or Israel’s overnight surgical strike. The reports in the press now also indicate it was a military grade Grad rocket: not one of the smaller Qassams.

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