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Time To Take The Ayatollah Off Twitter #BanTheAyatollah

Yesterday, in response to yet another one of Ayatollah Khamenei’s tweets promising the complete destruction of my home country I had a thought.  Aside from, “this is the guy the US is about to give billions of dollars to”, I also thought… “isn’t this against Twitter’s terms of use?”

One good that comes out of these horrible tweets is that it gives the world a view to the most evil intentions of this regime. But his tweets aren’t meant for us. We’re not his target audience. His tweets are meant for the hundreds of thousands of people who don’t want to wait even 25 days for Israel’s destruction let alone the 25 years he claims. So you know what? Screw him and his Twitter account. This is dangerous.

ayatollah assaholla
At least we’ll always have the shirt.

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has abused and continues to abuse the Twitter rules by making constant threats of violence and terrorism against the State of Israel.  Twitter posts the following in its terms of use:
twitter terms


So I have a job for you. Every single reader. You. Especially you.

  • Go on Twitter. Use the hashtag #BanTheAyatollah

aya report


There are more than enough tweets that clearly violate the Twitter rules to make our case.

Twitter will need examples of violations so here is a “worst of” collection to get you started:



2 thoughts on “Time To Take The Ayatollah Off Twitter #BanTheAyatollah”

  1. I don’t want removed him from Twitter.

    I want people to see the fanatical, bigoted and extremist face of Iran.

    The more Khamenei posts his demented anti-Semitic rantings, the more people can understand the real nature of Iran’s regime.

    Censoring bad ideas is not the way to fight them.

  2. I should make it clear I am not endorsing in any way Khamenei’s viewpoint or his hateful spew on Twitter.

    There is something however candid about his evaluation of Jews and Israel that in fact needs to be disseminated far and wide.

    This is his life’s dream and his life’s work. The sanitized Western news reports fail to convey how just how evil and dark Iran really is as a country.

    And the Iran nuclear deal the US intends to implement doesn’t change that picture in the slightest.

    People who want to ban Khamenei, I understand have good intentions and I laud them for it and in fact my heart says to go along with them.

    My head though tells me that if he is silenced, the evil he represents along with the danger to the Jewish people and the world won’t go away.

    I would rather my enemy say it to my face in daylight than have him conceal his true intentions and slay me in the dark of night in my ignorance of the death he intends to bring upon me.

    Open sunlight and full knowledge of what the Iranian regime is up to is the best way to stop the Ayatollah and Iran cold.

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