New York Times Reaches New Low With Insidious Jew TrackerTM

With the Republican resolution against the disastrous Iran deal getting blocked by Senate Democrats, the New York Times reached a new low with this special feature: Insidious Jew TrackerTM



Updated: Brian here, the post first used the table above which was an amended one. I actually took a screenshot last night of the original which included whether the Democrat is Jewish or not.

New York Times NYT who is a jew table


Which begs the question: WTF?

Do you think the Times would dare pull a stunt like this to track, say, the percentage Muslim constituents?

Me neither.

3 thoughts on “New York Times Reaches New Low With Insidious Jew Tracker<sup>TM</sup>”

  1. Jews have nothing to do with Iran.

    First and foremost, its an issue of American national security.

    Stooping to depict them as a Fifth Column inimical to America is disgraceful and beneath contempt.

    Never mind that its Iran that repeatedly calls for “Death To America.”

    The Democrats have voted to align themselves with this traitorous sentiment.

    They are unworthy of their country.

  2. I remember a discussion with my mother (a devout Zionist) about the need for groups like the JDL in America (this was about 1969) and she was so confident that there was no need because now there was Israel and Americans were more worried about Blacks than Jews. Too bad so many American Jews grew overconfident just like German Jews did in Germany. (I personally don’t agree with the extremist activities of the JDL and I know there are many Arabs, both Christian and Muslim, who are loyal to Israel, but recognizing that Jews are in danger in America is still something American Jews need to wake up to and they might need a group like the JDL, only less extreme, to make them do that.)

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