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5 Reasons The “Antisemitism or Anti-Israel” Distinction Is Irrelevant

Roger Waters doesn’t have an antisemitic bone in his body because he avoids using the J word.

Reykjavik, Iceland has voted to boycott Israel but carefully doesn’t link the fact it’s the only Jewish state.

Iran threatens Israel with annihilation every day, while wishing the Jewish people a happy Rosh Hashanah.

A protester pulls out a penny and shouts, “You only care about money!” at Benjamin Netanyahu during his London visit.

Oh that last one! Busted! You are such an antisemite!

BDS protests Israeli artists, no matter what their political stance is.

A Norwegian film festival rejects a film about disabled people because its director is Israeli.

A Spanish reggae festival drops Matisyahu from its lineup.

Matisyahu isn’t even Israeli! So busted, you Jew-hater!

You know what? Who cares? Why are we going through such trouble to catch the Israel haters say the J word? Or use antisemitic gestures? Because I beg the question…


So I give you the following 5 reasons trying to “catch the antisemite in a room full of Israel haters” is irrelevant.

1. Nationality Based Hate Is Just As Bad

China has a horrible human rights record. From its executions, to lack of freedom of expression, to its one-child policy, to its annexation of Tibet, there are a lot of misdeeds to protest.

Now take a group of about 50 friends, draw up a couple of placards, make some gruesome props and head down to your local Chinese-owned grocery store on the corner of the street. Shout as loud as you can, “FREE TIBET!” and hold up signs of torture victims and vandalize the store.

Seems ridiculous, right? What does this Chinese mom and pop store owner have to do with Tibet?

chinese shop owner
“Dude, I’m from Chicago.”

Well, that is exactly what is happening with Israeli-owned businesses around the world.

Suddenly people claim “freedom of speech” and “I’m not antisemitic, I’m anti *insert whatever buzzword you’re accusing Israel of here*.”

Nationality-based discrimination is illegal in many countries in which these protests are taking place.  What’s going on here? Is “Israeli” somehow not defined as a nationality? Whatever one’s personal thoughts may be, as long as your country has diplomatic relations with Israel, “Israeli” is legally defined as a nationality and is subject to these discrimination laws.

2. It’s A Gateway Hate

Famous Israel haters such as George Galloway, Roger Waters and Ali Abumination are clearly documented to carefully avoid the “J” word when spewing their hate. But every now and then it slips out, then BAM! Busted!

George Galloway even makes sure to respond to all his followers who use textbook antisemitic language to tell them that’s not OK. Roger Waters has to explain to major news outlets he is not antisemitic.

Has George Galloway ever stopped to wonder why so many of his not-blocked followers just so happen to be textbook antisemites? Has Roger Waters ever stopped to wonder why ADL has awarded him the dishonor of bona fide antisemite?

Then we have Helen Thomas, late White House reporter, Israel critic. In a now famous video, she says the Jews must all leave Palestine and go “home” which she calls Poland and Germany. The very countries where 1/3 of the Jewish population was culled. Why did she not say, Syria, Iraq, or Egypt? Or any of the other Arab countries completely emptied of Jews which now make up half of the Jewish Israeli population? Because the Holocaust meant nothing to her. The depopulation of Jews from Arab lands where they’ve lived for thousands of years meant nothing to her. And worst of all, the 3,000 year uninterrupted presence of Jews on an almost completely empty and barren wasteland they called home meant nothing to her.

"Where the heck is Poland?"
“Poland? Where’s that?”

This is the embodiment of Israel critics. This has nothing to do with Zionism or Israel. This is only about Jews. This is antisemitism. The source of Israel hate always leads to antisemitism. And eventually, as hard as you try, your argument will always lead to Jews, because you’ll have to explain why you have no animosity towards 20% of Israelis who are not Jewish yet receive the same rights as everyone else.

3. They Don’t Even Try To Hide Their Hypocrisy Because No One’s Looking

Remember when they tabled a resolution at the UN condemning Israel of abusing women’s rights? We all had a good laugh at the absurdity until it passed. Earlier this year, the United Nations passed one of its most absurd resolutions ever, condemning Israel as the worst violator of women’s rights in the world proving that no matter its absurdity or complete disregard for truth, anything anti Israel will pass in the UN.  Soon after, Israel was condemned as the worst violator of health rights.  If Qatar tabled a resolution calling for the condemnation of Israel for unleashing killer bees on unsuspecting disabled Palestinian children, it would probably pass without anyone actually reading it.

Those responsible for this joke are the UN Human Rights council members who include Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Qatar. Saudi Arabia. The world’s champion of women’s rights if only they let them drive and work or leave the house without their guardian’s consent. Qatar where 4,000 migrant workers are expected to die in order to build a stadium meant to be used once.

Israel receives almost global condemnation over its handling of refugees. Now we see how the rest of the world handles their own refugee crisis. In comparison, Israel has done more for refugees despite limited resources than most European countries, including providing health care, temporary shelter and sending representatives to assist in emergency relief.  So far, most European countries are doing this:

“Hey, Zsombor. Ever see that episode of The Walking Dead?”

Now, not to say people aren’t upset about the handling of refugees by these countries, but do you see any “Boycott Hungary” campaigns?  When is Saudi Apartheid Week?  For the first time in their lives, Palestinian “refugees” by UNRWA definition are actually refugees by normal people definition and nobody knows what to do with them.

So why is it all these countries get away with doing exactly what it accuses Israel of doing and to a much larger scale? Because nobody’s looking at them. They only look at Israel expecting her to be absolutely perfect, otherwise, boycott.  Other countries try to dictate to Israel what’s right or wrong, but when faced with a similar challenge they don’t handle themselves any better.

The same goes when Israeli reactions are reported while the Palestinian actions that caused them are either not reported, minimized and/or justified – but that’s a whole topic that has been covered to death.

4. If Hating Country “X” Was A Full-Time Career…

In every anti-Israel argument I face online, I try to imagine if it had been with any other country. Why does Israel, a country that just wants to provide its citizens with education, health, recreation, and to help the world in times of need, get hit the hardest with protests, boycotts and slander?

The answer is simple. There are countless organizations all over the world and thousands of people who have devoted their entire careers who put all their concentration to one cause. To vilify the only Jewish State.  Countries have based their entire foreign policy on this same cause.

Now imagine if half this effort was done against, oh… I don’t know say… Belgium.

Believe me, every day we’d find reasons to protest and boycott those guys. Did you know they practiced apartheid against the Flemish and their treatment of asylum seekers is sub-par? Boycott Stella Artois!!

belgian waffle
“Belgian?! It’s called a Wallonian Waffle!”

If oh… say… Belgium was threatened with annihilation every day since its founding, and faced multiple wars aimed at the extinction of their population, oh… say… Belgium would also be forced to make some difficult decisions where striking the right balance between security and human rights is required – and this full time career of Belgium bashing would be so much easier.

So how does this relate to Jew hate? Well. When the effects of this full-time job of coercion and brainwashing is ingrained in the minds of people, it becomes simply understood that all Jews are associated with Israel’s deeds. Then you get this case where a horrific murder of Jews in France leads a BBC reporter to say, “Yeah, but Palestinians…” without a moment’s thought.

5. The Accusations Are Downright Psychopathic

We all know the Mossad trains aquatic creatures specifically for the purpose of eating Palestinian children. Because no plan is as realistic and well thought-out like a 1960’s James Bond villain plot.  But when you really have nothing left to accuse Israel of doing, you exaggerate or make it up.

Past actual accusations of Israel include:

mossad gnomes
They’re in cahoots with the sock stealing dryers.

To anyone familiar with the history of antisemitism, let’s recap.  Jews were accused of:

These ancient accusations of the days of yore are just as ridiculous as the ones they are throwing around today.  They even personify Israel as one single-minded evil being. One Israeli’s actions mean all of “Israel” did it.

Take a look at a Tweet I just received today from a random antisemite:

Jewish terrorism has been suggested as a possible cause of the arsen committed against a Palestinian family. The terrorists are being treated as any other terrorist. They were condemned universally by all walks of life in Israel. Israelis rushed to provide aid to the survivors of this incident. Arguably, moreso even than many Jewish victims of Palestinian terror.  But still. According to Abdul, Israel did it.

To wrap this up, in order to hate a country THIS MUCH you need an extra push. An extra push that can only come from the oldest hatred. Nobody on Earth says they don’t hate Hindus, only India and then proceed to protest Hindu owned businesses around the world. Standards applied on Israel are unattainable, and are broken on a larger scale even by Israel’s accusers. Nationality-based hatred is bad. For every country. Including Israel, no matter what your crazy misguided thoughts may tell you about her.  The Israel hater is an antisemite. End of story.

About the author

Picture of Deebo


I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.
Picture of Deebo


I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.
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