Evil Wind of Religious Intolerance


Last week saw an amazing dust storm settled over Jerusalem, Israel. For days, the intolerable air quality kept people off the streets. Slowly the clouds of dust lifted, winds changed and a new storm blew in. From the Temple Mount, pipe bombs, stones and riots began to spread.

Jerualem mayor BArkat and Amd Dore Gold

Today Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Foreign Ministry Director General Dr. Dore Gold had a few things to say about the security situation around Jerusalem, Israel.

  1. Riots are not spontaneous.
  2. Deliberate attacks are to alter the status quo.
  3. Since mid-1990 the situation has corroded slowly.
  4. Northern Branch Islamic Movement, under Raed Salah Abu Shakra, an affiliate of Muslim Brotherhood, funded by Qatar, is out to destabilize, as it is doing in Egypt and Jordan.
  5. Hamas brought pipe bombs and stones into the mosque, turning a religious site into a military one.
  6. Israel will not tolerate violence.
  7. 3 million Muslims were on the Temple Mount and 12,000 Jews last year, proof against false accusations of Israel denying access to Muslims. (Jewsish access is whole other issue.)
  8. Violence started for Jewish holidays, while quiet for last Ramadan this year.
  9. PA spread rumors that Israel wanted to change status quo, that was to incite violence.
  10. Arab residents suffer the most when violence increases.
  11. Everywhere in the world police use measures to save lives, lights, cameras and fences, are to be put in places used to launch attacks.

Dore Gold

Dore Gold added that, “the evil wind of religious intolerance” began in Afghanistan in 2001, when Buddhas were destroyed. The world now faces a choice – for religious freedom or against.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat

Mayor Nir Barkat reiterated Israel is committed to freedom of religion and status quo, but innocent people must be protected.

Violence must not get its way, terrorism cannot win.

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