Guest Post: Let’s Not Kid Ourselves, SJP is Hamas

11161723_10153770109517995_6862196291889868800_oAvi is a photography and music-loving computer man. He is a full-stack developer, self-taught by the time he was 16, badly brain damaged (though most people can’t tell), but he is still a Dean’s List student in mathematics and computer science.

Students for Justice in Palestine is Hamas-linked. They are funded by Hamas. They are essentially run by Hamas. As a fact, therefore, they ARE the mouthpiece of Hamas.

They therefore aren’t a social justice organization, because Hamas sure isn’t a social justice organization. They don’t care about Palestinian rights, they just want to take away Israeli rights. Some of you might respond: “But SJP are just kids! They don’t know any better! They were just fooled by the propaganda machine into thinking the Palestinians are peaceful, oppressed by Israel, and want to live side by side in their own state. These kids are harmless! Support terror? Have you lost your mind?” Perhaps you can say that I lost my mind, you wouldn’t exactly be lying: I am technically brain-damaged.

I was injured on September 11, 2007, by a Hamas rocket that hit my IDF basic training base. This rocket attack was critical: 67 people were hit, 9 of them were badly hit (one lost a leg), and I was critically hit (no one died). From that rocket I lost an eye and took a serious brain injury. My memory had completely blanked out, I was under extreme sedation, and the doctors said that if I didn’t die within the week I would end up highly physically disabled to an unknown level and severely intellectually disabled with an IQ of less than 60. As you can probably tell, this didn’t happen. I have recovered wonderfully and miraculously, returned voluntarily to IDF service in December 2007, served for a year, and left to get my computational mathematics degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) at the end of 2009.

I wanted to introduce myself to the UCLA Hillel administration in hopes that I could get involved in Israel-related things. The students who were there, whom I thought were Hillel executives, seemed friendly. They smiled at me when I introduced myself and told them my story but remained quiet. Then, the actual Hillel executives came up to me and explained that this Hillel is affiliated with J-Street a pro-Palestine, pro-Israel, pro-Peace organization, and that the students I was talking to initially are actually leaders of UCLA Students for Justice in Palestine. They made a distinction between the Muslim Student Association, whom they claimed are anti-Israel, and Students for Justice in Palestine, whom they claimed only want justice for the Palestinians, which I couldn’t disagree with at the time because I believe in fairness and equality. They explained to me that the student administration of Hillel and all the Jewish organizations under it were hosting SJP as a gesture of goodwill. They agreed to cooperate on events for that year and declare themselves as friends instead of foes.

The next day, I found out that Jewish students at Hillel had declared me a Right Wing Extremist Palestinian Baby Killer for not only liking the IDF, but volunteering after being honorably discharged due to injury. At this time I did not know a thing about SJP. I assumed that it was good, because Hillel, which was founded as a right-wing organization that supports Israel, said it was. It took me a while to understand that Hillel was not a group that actually supports Israel at UCLA. It was ruled by J Street, a group that does not support Israel as they claim. It was the group that labeled me as a Right Wing Extremist Palestinian Baby Killer despite the fact that I am a moderate political centrist and social progressive. It was the group that directed anti-Israel (and therefore, ironically, antisemitic) bullying at me. In all of UCLA I did not see any antisemitism apart from SJP’s actions and mostly J Street.

J Street was against reality: let the Marmara through, do not react to Hamas’s rockets, do not do X, do not do Y, but let the Palestinians have whatever they want. Please note that the Palestinians were given a great offer in 2008: the West Bank, Gaza, and tunnels connecting them – but they did not answer this offer at all.

I had a good first year at UCLA. I had seen antisemitism, but I had gotten onto the Dean’s List and I was looking at a great future. When the second year came, so did destruction: suddenly, seemingly all the Muslims and their supporters on campus knew my name and said hi to me at every turn. Some friends and I had founded Bruins for Israel (BFI) as a StandWithUs organization, but it was taken over by J Street and dropped the affiliation with StandWithUs. I voiced strong opposition to this decision and J-Street as an organization, having learned of their anti-IDF ideas and compromise with SJP (they support Breaking the Silence!). I was fully aware that if they got their way – meaning if Israel had made the crazy compromises with the Palestinians that they suggest – Israel would be wiped out.

Then, the bullying escalated. I was supposed to be the BFI’s webmaster and other things, and I was told that it is OK if I miss some meetings. BFI had made meetings without letting me know at all. After the J Street takeover was finished, they kicked me out, allegedly for not appearing at every meeting, though I knew it was really because I clashed ideologically with J Street. The friends I started the group with had remained silent through it all, and I realized that I had no organizational Jewish backing on campus.

Finally, the straw that broke the camel’s back: At a Chabad Shabbat dinner, two people in their forties approached me, pretending to be from the Israeli Defense Ministry (I checked – they were lying). They used known interrogation tactics on me, wanting to get secret IDF knowledge from me, which I refused to give them (upon being pressured, I told them gibberish). I suspected that this had to do with the strong collaboration between Jewish students and SJP, who were clearly taking advantage of this goodwill to get sensitive info out of me. This explained why all those Muslims suddenly knew who I was and were greeting me – this was a threat. It was also proof, to me, that SJP really was affiliated with Hamas (Muslim Student Association is knowingly a brother of Hamas, and SJP is closely tied with them). The only organizations who knew about me firsthand were SJP and J Street, so it must be one or the other that sent the interrogators. I immediately realized that I had to escape UCLA for the sake of not only my sanity, but my safety.

I told Bruins for Israel what happened later after I had escaped and studied in Israel, expecting support or at least a word of sorrow, hoping that it would get them to realize the danger of their ways. They responded in mockery, claiming that I am delusional when I say that two agents of SJP tried to get information about the IDF from me at UCLA. They didn’t grow up in Israel, they never served in the IDF, they don’t realize this is a massiveĀ  and real threat. Should I blame them for being so out of touch? Probably not, but I do blame them for automatically assuming I’m wrong and calling me delusional and for selling out to enemies who want us dead in the name of “peace.” Why are they ignoring the obvious, that to SJP/Hamas, “peace” means all the Jews having been removed as their charter dictates?

SJP and its affiliates all across the world glorify terrorism, as Max Geller and his female companion featured here did. They show support for the merciless killing of innocents; for example, Brooklyn College expressed support of a “Third Intifada” and University of Minnesota held a vigil for the terrorists who were shot in self defense, and those are just the ones I know of. When pressed, they show their true beliefs – that they do not want Israel to exist in any form, that they believe that the entire land of Israel is occupied (this is what they really mean by “occupation”), and believe in Palestinian “resistance” which can only mean violently kicking the Jews out, despite what they say about nonviolence and coexistence. They only agree to collaborate with Hillels and the like to stifle pro-Israel ideas and guilt-trip us into silence, and use two state solution discussion as a stepping stone to promote their bogus colonialism narrative. They are trying to divide and conquer, to convince Jews to believe that the Palestinians do want peace and compromise, so they can pressure the State of Israel to make so many compromises that we are weakened out of existence.

sjp peopleI have attached an incriminating picture here. Max Geller, featured here, was a leader of SJP at Northeastern U. He is with a female SJP member. They are in full terrorist outfits with a PK machine gun often used to shoot, kill, and destroy people and vehicles (even those that are armored and used by the IDF). This machine gun is used by Hamas. This was taken from the Palestinian Territories, so they had to have gotten the guns somehow, which means they must be members or affiliates of a terrorist organization, most likely Hamas.

SJP is Hamas on Campus. They are not only brainwashing innocent students that mean well, they are brainwashing the next generation of Jewish leaders by building alliances. I’ve seen it with my own eye. Take it from me, a veteran of the Israeli Intelligence, that the threat is more serious than we realize. We need to raise a generation that is strong, loving, unapologetic, and prepared to face the very real opposition that is out there.


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