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Sprung! National SJP Caught Lying About Logo for Hate Conference

National SJP were lying and I have the proof

LA City Council Calls on UCLA to Cancel National SJP Hate Conference

An important development ahead of National SJP's hate conference at UCLA

NSJP Refutes Claim They Used UCLA Bear Logo in Hate Conference Artwork

Reports emerged that NSJP refused to comply with UCLA's cease-and-desist letter, and now it is clear why.

UCLA Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter to NSJP For Co-opting Bruin Bear Logo

UCLA has sent a cease-and-desist letter to National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) over their logo for the upcoming NSJP conference

Israel Haters Disrupt “Indigenous Peoples” Event at UCLA

Property damage, intimidation and attempts at censorship. See with your own two eyes what Students for Justice in Palestine members at UCLA did last night at an "Indigenous Peoples Unite" event

More US Campus Jew Hatred As Daily Bruin Publishes Antisemitic Cartoon

Another day, another dose of antisemitism from a US university

UCLA Medical Center Says Antisemitism Is A-Okay For Employees!

Meet Lisa Marie Mendez, who didn't even try to hide her antisemitism.

Guest Post: Let’s Not Kid Ourselves, SJP is Hamas

An important expose on SJP

Video: Antisemitism On Display At UCLA

Seeing it makes the blood boil more than just reading about it

Karma For UCLA’s Students For Justice In Palestine

SJP suddenly offended by hate speech, bigotry, and misrepresentations.

The Teaching Moment

UCLA needs to turn the bigotry of BDS into a teaching moment

Famed Musician Phil Soussan Rips BDSHoles for Racism

Phil Soussan, you truly rock

Bruins For Israel Fight Back Against Antisemitic Onslaught

While most Jewish students on hostile campuses tend to try to keep their heads low, the students of UCLA have had enough

Devin Does Israel = Major BDS Fail

SJP bullies kvetch about UCLA leaders going on pro-Israel trips. Turns out SJP's own candidate went on one of those naughty Israel trips. Hilarity ensues.


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