Jerusalem: 1840 to 2017



Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, is May 24, 2017. 50 years. Half a century, since Jerusalem was liberated from Jordanian occupation and reunited. Visitors are coming from around the world to join Israelis celebrating the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem.

UNESCO resolutions will not change the fact that the Jewish presence in Jerusalem over the centuries was consistent, except for 1948-1967, when it was divided under Jordanian rule and Jews were exiled from the Old City.

Dave shared NYTimes from 1948, but here are stats going back to 1840.

In 1840, there were 5,000 Jews and 4,600 Muslims.

Jerusalem in 1840 had more Jews

in 1870: 11,000 Jews and 6,500 Muslims

Jews living in Jerusalem 1870

in 1917:  32,000 Jews and 13,500 Muslims

Numbers of residents of Jerusalem on 1917

and in 1948, before Jerusalem was divided: 84,000 Jews and 40,000 Muslims.

Section of sign with Jerusalem population in Yemin Moshe

The narratives and attacks keep coming, but facts remain the same.

The Jewish people have been connected to Jerusalem, by living in the Holy City, and through their prayers facing in direction of Jerusalem, going back to ancient times.

UPDATED: May 4, 2017

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