Scenes From Some Palestinian Terror Rallies


The following photos from palestinian terror rallies were taken from the palestinian Shehab News Agency Facebook page, which is a great resource for uncovering what is really going on in Gaza and the PA-controlled territories.

Although I am sure they are not happy I find them to be a useful resource.

These photos were taken at a Hamas rally, judging by their headbands.

And it looks like it was the cool place to be.

terrorist rally 2
Are they blood stains on her phone case?
photo with terrorists
Talk about a photobomb

But don’t think it was just the selfie-loving set that enjoyed being around their terrorist heroes. Nope, those much younger also seemed comfortable around them and their weapons.

terrorist rally 1
Despite his t-shirt, I somehow doubt this kid will really grow up loving America
terror rally 4
How sweet

Meanwhile, the following photo was taken at a PFLP rally in Nablus. Remember, they are a secular terrorist organization.

terrorist rally 3

That is no IDF soldier they are burning, but a Charedi (ulta-Orthodox) Jew – the type that would usually not be a staunch Zionist or serve in the army. So don’t be fooled – they really do hate Jews.

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