McGill Judicial Board Ruling Bans BDS


McGill University, in Montreal

A McGill University Judicial Board ruling concluded that BDS is “unconstitutional” and banned future votes on BDS as it “violates the rights of [Israeli] students to represent themselves” and discriminates on the basis of national origin.

After BDS was shot down by the student body for the third time in 18 months, the BDS Action Network filed an appeal, claiming the vote was null and void due to Jewish advocacy groups external to McGill telling their supporters to vote against BDS during the campaign period. The Judicial Board, which is run by students, not only shot down the appeal, but, in a historical vote, stated that BDS has no place on McGill’s campus and cannot be voted on in the future as it violates Students Society of McGill University’s Equity Policy.

This landmark decision happened in the wake of a letter signed by over 150 McGill professors voicing strong opposition to BDS, claiming it creates an atmosphere that is unsafe for Jewish and Israeli students, and singles out Israel unfairly.

The “Vote No” campaign broke the news, commenting that, “For years, members of our student body have been subjected to discrimination at the hands of the BDS movement. This ruling recognizes these unfair conditions and reflects a commitment to end the inequity provoked by BDS.



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