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Alexandra is a trained comedy actor who is Montreal's second-favourite export aside from poutine.

To Transfer or Not To Transfer? That is the Question

In the end, in the event of a transfer, nobody wins.

The 60 Types of Israeli Voters in the 22nd Knesset Elections

Which type of voter are you?

The Ties that Bind Us, and the Fire that Blinds Us: The Case for...

Zionists of all stripes need to stick together, because our problems are far bigger than our petty disagreements on the details.

Israeli Elections: What’s Wrong With Us?

Why can't we all work together and face our common enemy? "Microclashes." They seem like mountains to those who have them, but from a birds-eye view they are molehills, or more like hangups.

Arabs in Israel Not Standing for the Holocaust Remembrance Day Siren is Antisemitic

Not stopping for Holocaust Remembrance Day is antisemitic, plain and simple

Fighters Not Followers: How Jewish “Leadership” Castrates Campus Activism

The reality is that activism doesn’t require huge dollars, it requires huge voices.

8 Things Tuesday’s Election Results Reveal About Israel’s Future

To have a strong Israel, we need strong Jews

Are You a Jew With Trembling Knees?

Do you shrink in fear in the face of the enemy? If so, then you’re just the kind of Jew Hillel international wants you to be.

Students for Justice in Palestine Equate Pittsburgh Synagogue Murder Victims & Gazans

If you think you should accept SJP’s condolences over Pittsburgh, think again.

The Inconvenient Truth About Israel’s “Occupation” of the Palestinians

Lex with some home truths about the so-called "occupation"

The Real Reason They Walked Off: I Know Because I Was One of Them

Some may blame the watering down of Judaism to the point where it becomes all about Tikkun Olam, but I think it’s far simpler than that.
Israeli flag on Independence DAy

Experts Weigh In: Why Is Israel Losing The PR War And How Can We...

Why is Israeli PR a train wreck and how can we fix it? Experts weigh in!

An Open Letter From An Israeli About Friday’s “Atrocities”

A letter from an Israeli who is sick and tired of foreigners and uninformed virtue signallers telling us what to do.


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