The Signs Of Palestinian Desperation

Lies, lies, and more lies from the anti-Israel crowd.Mahmoud Abbas made another stupid statement today, claiming the Palestinians were there before Abraham was. Of course, this isn’t new for him, as he’s previously claimed Jesus was a palestinian messenger, as well as accusing Israel of executing a 13-year-old terrorist, when he was later found to be alive and well, enjoying his meals at an Israeli hospital.

And of course his Palestinian Authority TV station, of which he’s in charge, has claimed that Israel poisoned the wells in Gaza not to mention that they kill Palestinians in order to steal their organs.

The point is that all these claims, believed by the even stupider hordes of BDS, Jewish Voice for Peace and other anti-Semitic groups are a sign of desperation.  They’re a sign of desperation, because of sites like Israellycool and others, in which real facts are shown with real newspapers and real people – facts that the palestinian authority or any reasonable and logical person cannot simply refute as “Zionist propaganda.”  And because they can’t refute it, they do the next best thing – they ignore it and make up stories instead to divert attention.

But, despite a definite growing trend of antisemitism in the world, there is also another growing trend.  And that is that people are becoming more aware of history.  Yes – there are Jews who have strayed so far away from the meaning of being Jewish, but there are also many more who are discovering and rediscovering it as well. They are beginning to understand who they are, where they are from, and what it means to be Jewish with a Jewish country of their own.

Jews have a strong, rich, documented and defined identity, history and heritage. We’re in Israel because of all of those factors.

The Palestinians, being a product of an anti-Israel movement, rather than a pro-palestinian one, don’t have that.

They don’t have a long history, or a defined identity, or a documented heritage.  And when you don’t have any of those elements that define you as a people, you’re simply left with an empty museum with empty shelves and nothing to show.

4 thoughts on “The Signs Of Palestinian Desperation”

  1. Ah yes Justin we all know the terrible truth about Mahmoud Abbas, The only issue is that it is beyond their level of comprehension to understand the depth of their collective ignorance. They have been exposed to long to their own fantasy world that it has become a “Fantasy Land” dream park that has like a black hole sucked the intelligence out of millions like Roger Waters.

  2. I propose that every time a Palestinian official tells an outlandish lie, that can be proven to be a lie, they get fined, or have funds withheld.

  3. the real irony about the lefty support for the Pals is that the Pals are the biggest appropriators of other cultures. The Koran is filled with them appropriating every jewish and christian figure so that they can lay claim to the Temple Mount, the tombs and all of the churches. Since their book says those were all really muslims, they believe it. Its appropriation at its most extreme.

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