These Are The Photos And Stories That Have To Be Shared Today


Can’t hide the truth edition is the headline Aussie Dave gave to the Photo of the Day, a picture which was going viral on social media.

What gets shared? What goes viral is always a wonder.

15 Real Photos of Arab Girls posted in March 2012 is still going with over 260 K views. While 18 New Photos of Arab Girls posted recently has only received 2.5 K views.

I have posted so many of those photos of Arab girls on Israellycool, Dave said – no more, only if there is one with a girl riding a unicycle, while waving an Israeli flag.

It is easy to find Arab women and girls doing every day things around Jerusalem.

It is the reality.

It is the truth.

However, two events yesterday were not so widely publicized and of much more significance than two women smiling at a cute baby on the Jerusalem light rail train.


The Ambassadors of NATO were meeting in Jerusalem at the King David Hotel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to speak to the media before the lunch meeting. Israel has been invited to open an office in Belgium.

Thank you to all of the ambassadors representing the NATO countries that are here today. I look forward to this opportunity to discuss our common interests, based on our common values. I want to thank NATO for inviting Israel to open an office in your headquarters in BrusselsI called Secretary General Stoltenberg immediately to express my appreciation and I want to inform you that we’re in the process of opening the office as soon as possible. We attach great importance to that. Israel has much to contribute to NATO. I believe NATO has much to contribute to Israel. We’ve already begun that process, but I think we can extend and increase our cooperation

NATO Ambassadors at King David Hotel for meeting

So much for isolation, the word being used too often in the media to describe Israel.

And for the US and Israel divide?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau released the following statement:

In the wake of numerous misleading reports, the Prime Minister’s bureau would like to clarify there has been no cut in American assistance. There is an internal debate between Congress and the White House on the size of the annual supplement to the missile defense program.Prime Minister Netanyahu is working to anchor this supplement as part of the discussions on the assistance agreement for the next ten years.Not only will security assistance for missile defense not be cut, it will be increased.The attempt to turn the dialogue with the US into a domestic Israeli political tool is improper; expressions of panic are not warranted.”


In the afternoon, after the NATO lunch, the Herzliya Conference opened at Beit Hanasi, hosted by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. Several of the same Ambassadors attended. Easy to spot were US Ambassador Dan Shapiro in the front row and Gilles Beschoor Plug of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who stands out in a crowd being taller than most.

Israeli government leaders were scheduled to speak: President of Supreme Court of Israel Miriam Naor, Opposition Leader MK Yitzhak Herzog, Minister of Interior MK Aryeh Deri, Minister of Education MK Naftali Bennett, Chairman of the Joint Arab List MK Ayman Odeh, and Meretz MK Zehava Galon.Herzliya conference in Beit Hanasi front row, Odeh, Bennett, Deri, Herzog, Naor

Among the speakers Odeh stood out only by being dressed in a shirt, not the standard suit and tie of the majority of audience.

Chairman of the Joint Arab List MK Ayman Odeh at Beit Hanasi for Herzliya conference

Here you have the Arab leader, of the united Arab parties, elected to the Knesset, telling an influential international audience his opinions about Israel.



The media was present for both events.

What did you see and hear?

These are the photos that have to be shared.

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