Google And Their Ridiculous Search Suggestions

As I was writing the previous post, I was looking for a picture of an Israeli family or children, so I decided to use that internet searchy thingy that’s not AltaVista.

“Israeli¬†children playing” returns “Palestinian, Writing On Bombs, Palestinian Children School, Brave Palestinian, Palestinian Children Suffering”

Yes, Google Those are the exact associations I make when I watch my children play.


I know, I know, it’s small. Click here for full size.

The pictures aren’t much better.

A scroll through the first 100 photos shows many “kids with artillery” pics that are circulated in the anti-Israel circles. And I’ve already talked about why those are BS.

How to fix it. More people need to search for images associated with Israel and choose happier results. We the public need to calibrate¬†Google’s algorithms a bit.



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