Top 8 Images Anti-Israel Groups Need To Stop Using

Every now and then an Israel hater will, most likely uninvitedly, send you an “anti-Israel” picture that just makes you facepalm so hard you give yourself a shiner.

The following are examples of those pictures. If you’re anti-Israel you seriously need to stop sharing them. You’re embarrassing yourself.

#8. The Einstein Letter


I Got You Now, Zionists!

Look at this letter! Uncontestable proof the 20th century’s most renowned scientist, Professor Albert Einstein, a Jew himself, was anti-Israel. He blames Jewish terrorists “from our own ranks” for dooming Palestine forever! He even mentions Palestine by name!

Why It’s Not Anti-Israel

This letter is not “anti-Israel”. It’s anti Lehi (aka Stern Gang). One of the 2 biggest militant organizations, along with Irgun that aimed to drive the British out of Palestine and to allow unrestricted Jewish immigration (mainly those escaping the Holocaust).

Read today this letter takes on a whole new meaning, but let’s go back to April 16, 1948. The day this letter was written.

a) “Palestine” Mentioned by Name

First of all the letter is dated one month prior to the Declaration of Israel’s Independence. The name of the geographical area was “The British Mandate of Palestine” and has been for exactly 28 years up to that moment. No more than that.

b) Jewish Terrorists?

This letter is addressed to the American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel. This was an American group that was pro Stern Gang. And yes, many Jews including Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion, saw them as no more than terrorists. Upon the establishment of The State of Israel, one of David Ben Gurion’s first acts was to declare all non-official defense organizations illegal. The American Friends disbanded and all military groups unified under the Israel Defense Forces.

So to assume this letter is simply “anti-Israel” is simply wrong. Ben-Gurion held the same views regarding Irgun and Stern Gang. He loathed them. To say Einstein was anti-Israel is to say Ben Gurion was anti-Israel.

Besides. If Einstein was anti Israel would he have been offered the Presidency of Israel?

#7. Disappearing Palestine

pcusa map that lies

I Got You Now, Zionists!

This “4 Panel Map” shows how Israelis are taking away Palestinian land from 1946. All that green territory is being taken away day by day!

Why It’s Not Anti-Israel

I think Elder of Ziyyon gave this map a very good debunking from start to finish, but it needs refreshing since it’s still one of the most used images used in anti-Israel propaganda and is very prominent at Israel hate-fests such as “Apartheid Week”.

It’s not anti-Israel simply because it’s not true. This map assumes that in 1946 only a few white spots (which I’m pretty certain are randomly placed) indicates “Jewish owned land”. Let’s start off by pointing out that in the first panel, Tel Aviv, the Jewish creation of 1909 is green. Not a good way to start off guys.

At the risk of repeating EOZ’s points, the most glaring lies in this image include:

a) Using the term “Palestinian”, since the word at the time referred to anyone, Jew or Arab living there at the time.

b) Omitting the entire Transjordan, which was also a part of the Mandate. If included in this map it would be all green to this day.

c) Assuming the entire region was “owned” by Palestinians when at the time it was in fact mostly undeveloped vasts of nothing controlled by the British as part of the Mandate. Any (likely infertile) land “owned” was owned by people who didn’t even live there and was legally purchased. With money. Lots more money than it was actually worth.

d) Omitting all the land concessions given by Israel for peace.

#6,5,4 and 3. Visit Palestine/Palestinian Pound/Palestine Post/Palestinian Basketball Team

I Got You Now, Zionists!

Look at all this proof that Palestine existed! They have posters, a newspaper, currency, and even a basketball team! How can you deny the existence of Palestine?

Why It’s Not Anti-Israel

I grouped all these pictures together because they all have the same explanation. All of the above pictures are Jews during the 28 year period where “Palestine” was used to describe the area in question.

Exhibit A: One Palestine Pound


During the 28 years of the British Mandate, they obviously needed some currency. Here is a trilingual bank note that makes sure to indicate in Hebrew the words, “Palestinian Pound (EI)” Before Ali Abomination came around the letters EI stood for “Eretz Israel”. So anyone saying Palestine existed as an Arab nation is not at all accurate.

Exhibit B: Visit Palestine


This poster is such strong proof Palestine existed as an Arab country even BDS-hole in chief Greta Berlin has it hanging in her room!

Only, it was created by Jewish Zionist graphic artist Franz Kraus as a promotional poster for Jews to visit the Holy Land.  Oops.

Exhibit C: The Palestine Post


Too bad they don’t share this image of the Palestine Post dated May 15, 1948. Or tell you that it was an English language Jewish publication, which changed it’s name in 1950 to a name you all know and recognize. The Jerusalem Post.

Exhibit D: Palestinian Basketball

palestine basketball

The High School Varsity Team from Palestine, Illinois. Yes really.

#2. Jew Only Roads

jews only

I Got You Now, Zionists!

Look at this picture clearly showing the apartheid of Hebron.  Those Arabs are forced to huddle over to the side of the road.

Why It’s Not Anti-Israel

A picture is worth 1000 lies. No such thing exists. Let’s leave the fact that Hebron specifically is home to many ancient Jewish artifacts, holy places and 3,000 years of uninterrupted history. To claim that there are roads in Hebron or anywhere in the West Bank for that matter have Jews/Arabs only roads is a total fabrication.

The only thing that ever came close was when certain roads were closed for Palestinians (not Arabs) a short period time during the second intifada and was a wartime measure for security purposes only. We’re talking about a time when buses and cafe’s were blowing up almost every day. There isn’t a single place in Israel, Judea and Samaria or Gaza where Arabs are not allowed. On the other hand, Israeli access is limited here, here and here.

#1. Kids With Artillery


I Got You Now, Zionists!

Look at these Zionist settlers teaching their kids how to use guns. Indoctrinating them with hate and violence!

Why It’s Not Anti-Israel

Once again a picture tells 1000 lies. These pictures are relatively new in the anti-Israel circle. They are inherently anti-semitic since the viewer latches on to the obviously Jewish father and son.  And to claim they are indoctrinating is ridiculous.

I will not deny that there are some right wing Israelis are teaching their kids non-representative values about Arabs but those are the fringe. If you show me a picture of a Jew committing a hateful act and expect me to defend Israel, that is like me showing you a picture of the KKK and expecting you to defend America. Or saying America is evil because this kid was indoctrinated.

Anti-Israel groups are using these images to counter Israeli claims that Hamas is indoctrinating their children.  Well, no they are not the same. First off, Hamas’s indoctrination is “state sanctioned”. This is the official decree of the ruling power of Gaza. It’s in their kids shows and they’re not shy about expressing it. I can link you to Hamas camp and kids proudly eating their M75 cake, but let’s let Google quash this comparison. There’s “Hamas Kids” and “Israeli Kids“. See a difference?

But let’s get to the picture itself. Is this obviously Jewish father teaching his kid how to use that machine gun presumably to shoot Arabs?

No silly. This is a military exhibition usually held around Israeli Independence day and usually held at a military base where the family is invited for a certain special event.  They are not uncommon and many countries hold them. For example, here’s a similar pic from the US.

US military expo
h/t Daniel Korts

As a kid I have been to many similar events in Canada for the Canadian Armed Forces. Did anyone ever claim I was being indoctrinated? Pish posh.

For many Israelis defending this country is their career. This country would not exist today had it not been for these defenses. It’s part of our history, our pride and a showcase of our bravery. Anyone who thinks these children are being told, “Use this to kill Arabs.” is an antisemite. Seriously.  This child is more likely saying, “Wow cool! Look at that thing!” While the dad is simply supervising. But you antisemites already twisted it to whatever you want.



I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.

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