“There is No Other Country On Earth That Thinks The Same Way We [Google] Do Like Israel Does”


In case you missed the memo, Israel is the startup nation, with more than 300 multinationals having opened up R&D facilities here.

Business Insider asked executives from Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to explain why they use Israel for their R&D.

tel aviv beachGoogle developer partner advocate Don Dodge said: “My job at Google is to travel all over the world and talk to developers and startups and investors. I’ve been to every corner of the earth. China, Japan, Australia, all of Europe, the Nordics, everywhere. There is no other country on earth that thinks the same way that we [Google] do like Israel does.

“Israel truly is the ‘Startup Nation.’ You think like us. You break things, you make things, you’re creative. It’s special.”

Read the whole thing. It does not make easy reading for those of you who advocate BDS, but then again, perhaps you won’t even see it or this blog post. You know, having boycotted computers and all.

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