Report: Roger Waters Loses Millions In Sponsorship Because Of His Israel Bashing

Do you remember how I blogged about Roger Waters failing at BDS, by announcing Amex and Citi presales for his upcoming tour?

He subsequently removed the references to Amex and Citi, and while I thought it was because of my post, it may have had more to do with this:

Roger Waters spray painting on separation barrier wallRoger Waters’ Israel opinions are costing him millions

Roger Waters is planning his most spectacular and expensive tour yet — but the Pink Floyd legend is facing backlash from some big-name sponsors over his views on Israel.

Sources tell us that American Express balked at spending up to $4 million to sponsor Waters’ 2017 US + Them North American tour.

AmEx sponsored this month’s so-called “Oldchella,” the Desert Trip festival, where Waters performed along with the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

An AmEx source told us: “Roger is putting on a huge show. The company was asked to sponsor his tour for $4 million, but pulled out because it did not want to be part of his anti-Israel rhetoric.”

A spokeswoman for AmEx told us they worked with Waters at Desert Trip, but, “We never committed to sponsoring Roger Waters’ upcoming tour. When we were approached with the options, we passed on making a bid.” AmEx works with artists such as Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Kanye West, and the rep added, “It is a balancing act to work with artists our card members love, within the budgets we have allocated.” Waters has since partnered with Citi.

I believe they pulled out, although I guess Waters could be dumb enough to announce their involvement on his Facebook page even though they had not committed.

Either way, here’s to more of the same.

5 thoughts on “Report: Roger Waters Loses Millions In Sponsorship Because Of His Israel Bashing”

  1. I enjoy Floyd music but the Palestinian people have been screwed by their own leaders. Money given for ‘the people’ has been used for weapons & to line, so-called, leaders pockets. I feel sorry for the people.

  2. Zombie JonBenet Ramsey

    Roger Waters is (or maybe was) a great musician. Too bad he becomes Hitler the moment the music stops.

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