Is Electronic Intifada Imploding?


For quite a while now, terror-supporter and Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah has been attacked for his views on Syria, which have been characterized as apathy at best and pro-Assad at worst. For example:

This is what Abunimah has put forward as his justification for not covering Syria.

And naturally, implies those criticizing him are pro-Israel with an agenda to discredit those like him who are “pro palestinian” – even though they are mostly fellow Israel haters!

But now things have gotten a whole lot worse for Ali and company, with the latest turn of events: Electronic Intifada editor and fellow terror supporter Rania Khalek accepted an invitation to speak at an Assad-affiliated conference, leading to widespread condemnation by those who might otherwise be her allies, as well as accusations she – like Abunimah – is pro Assad.

Tellingly, even some of her fellow EI contributors pushed her – and EI – under the bus.

Khalek tried to explain her actions

But then announced her resignation from EI.

Although there are those who believe she was sacked.

Perhaps it is too early for a Norwegian doctor to confirm EI’s demise, but I am enjoying this.

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